MMD accuses PF of removing posters in Kasama

An MMD cadre paying homage to the leader. In Kasama, the MMD is playing the victim contrary to its well known reutation of violence

An MMD cadre paying homage to the leader. In Kasama, the MMD is playing the victim contrary to its well known reputation of violence

The ruling MMD has asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to investigate reports that some opposition party cadres are  removing campaign posters of its parliamentary candidate Burton Mugala, contesting the Kasama central by election.

MMD campaign manager Charles Shawa said it was immoral and a violation of the electoral code of conduct for the opposition to engage in dirty campaigns in order to win votes from the electorates.

Mr. Shawa said the MMD has information that some suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres were busy removing campaign materials of Mr. Mugala.

He said there was urgent need for the ECZ to intervene in the matter and bring sanity to the on-going campaigns for the vacant Kasama Central seat.

Mr. Shawa, who is also Lusaka Province Minister, said the MMD wanted to see political parties conducting peaceful campaigns centred on real issues instead of engaging provocative politics.

He said the ruling party has advised its members not temper with  campaign posters for its opponents but instead concentrate on campaigning Mr. Mugala so that he can victorious in the October 15 Kasama Central by-election.

In a related development, an independent candidate in the Kasama Central by-election Pastor Christy Ntalasha has been forced to publicly apologise over his disparaging attacks on Kasama Municipal Council regarding the use of the hearse in the District.

Pastor Ntalasha had alleged that the hearse was being misused for personal errand by the council instead of being used for intending purpose.

He however said he has decided to apologise over his recent statement because he did not want to sour the relations with the local authority.

But Council town clerk Francis Nkhoma yesterday dismissed as baseless Pastor Ntalasha’s claims that the local authority was abusing the hearse, saying vehicle was being used for its intended purpose.

Mr. Nkhoma asked Pastor Ntalasha to retract his statement or the council would have no choice but to take appropriate action against him.

He further advised Pastor Ntalasha to conduct clean campaigns ahead of Kasama Central by-election on October 15.

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