MMD acting chairperson rubbishes purported alliance with PF

MMD acting chairperson rubbishes purported alliance with PF


Acting MMD National Chairperson Edgar Keembe says no normal MMD member can work with the PF.

And Keembe (in photo below) has rubbished reports attributed to party national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima that the MMD has resolved to enter into an alliance with the PF.

Keembe, who chaired the meeting at which the purported resolution was made says no such resolution was made.

Below is the full statement issued by Keembe:


Let me begin by stating that ‘it is not true that MMD resolved to enter into a pact with PF as reported in media houses today.

I co-chaired the NEC meeting with President Mumba in my capacity as National Vice Chairman and in that meeting I was acting National Chairman since my National Chairman Hon. Kabinga Pande had issues with the party. While it is true that the issue of MMD- PF Alliance was tabled as an agenda item in the meeting, following President Edgar Lungu’s indications to our party President Dr. Nevers Mumba that he wanted to work with MMD, at no time did we resolve to give express yes response to that request.

There were a number of issues or (grey areas) why we felt it was not appropriate to do so at that time. It was also clear that a number of NEC members had different views on the issue and UPND was proposed by other members as a possible and better devil than PF. There was no vote carried to ascertain the actual numbers for or against.

What was however, resolved on this issue is that “MMD was open to negotiate for partnership with any party that will recognize and accept MMD as equal partner in that partnership; one which will come in ‘original attire’ and not clothed in a sheep skin and yet there is a goat inside. We went ahead to agree that a committee to negotiate with various possible partners be put in place and represent the party’s interest.

In fact there were colleagues who were seriously concerned about the treacherousness of PF in dealing with partners and felt that other parties should be considered instead. In short the statement on this issue was to be issued as follows:-

“MMD recognizes and acknowledges the shift in the political landscape and dispensation in our country following the changes in the republican constitution; and therefore, the issue of alliances becomes inevitable for any serious party wishing to offer meaningful service to the people of this country.

MMD therefore remains committed to engaging any serious party wishing to partner with it based on grounds of sincerity, mutual respect and fairness”. Whether or not this statement means endorsing MMD – PF pact, I remain to be corrected and readers will judge.

My personal views
Let me therefore disassociate myself as acting National Chairman from the misleading media reports linked to my honorable National Secretary (Hon. Mbulakulima) who I must confess labored in that meeting to ask members to dwell on facts and realities on the ground when dealing with party issues. I don’t agree with the statements he has issued as there are contradicting his own advice to NEC members; the statement is false and misleading and therefore, it must be disregarded by our party members.

My belief and those of others opposed to working with PF are based on firm foundation that requires a big hammer to break. How can any normal and party loving member of MMD go to bed with PF; the party that literally destroyed MMD?

1. Is it not PF that paralyzed MMD by unlawfully grabbing our motor vehicles soon after 2011 tripartite election; and for five (5) years MMD languished and struggled to reorganize with difficulties and shame?

2. Is it not PF that petitioned almost all our hard earned seats in parliament soon after 2011 elections and reducing our once mighty party to rags and sending us into political oblivion that we find ourselves today?

3. Is it not PF that relentlessly poached our vibrant MPs; once accused of electoral malpractices and corrupt practices and later adopted them as their candidates without any cleansing ceremony?

4. Is it not PF,s General Secretary Mr. Chama, who once said MMD will be swallowed by PF; and he continues to proudly warn MMD to walk the talk (as reported in today’s -Monday 1st February, 2016 Daily Mail.) even before the negotiations start?

5. Is it not PF’s Hon. Kambwili, who selfishly advised ZNBC staffs to employee their own relatives even when he is supposed to know that Zambian jobs are for all Zambians? Is not this same PF’s “pillar” who spoke words of abomination; bringing the name of Jesus in shame and disrespect; and to make it worse in this declared Christian Nation of which my President Dr. Nevers Mumba is one of the respected man of God and has spent his life this far to profess and exalt the name of Jesus ?

6. Surely is it not PF that demonized MMD in order to remove us from power; and within one term our people have been thrown into un- imaginable misery and un acceptable poverty levels?

7. I can go on and on———.

Surely those calling for this alliance, can only be said to be enemies of our party and peddling personal interests. President Edgar Lungu has only sent SMS to President Mumba, and even gave a condition that President Mumba should reconcile with President RB before that alliance; and I agree with President Mumba that it is important to know the intentions of the President before making any serious decisions. Has President Mumba met the condition given; or indeed has he come to NEC to report his findings about President Lungu’s intent in that SMS? Surely how can leadership worth its salt start playing hide and seek games with its own followers?

My belief and advice is that MMD should only appropriately align itself with fellow opposition and root-out those in government whom we are all saying they have failed us. We have a common agenda; that of offering genuine and alternative leadership to that of PF (the reason opposition parties exist). If those who personally want to peddle on inconsistencies and want to work with PF can do so as individuals; while those of us who feel strongly to work with UPND or any other fellow opposition party must equally be free to do.

In conclusion, let me state clearly that MMD will accept partnership with progressive agendas in the interest of the Zambian people. We want a partnership that will deliver our people from abject poverty and that will bring sanity in the manner in which politics are played in this country. We reject politics of stomachs and greediness; and choose politics of sanity; politics which redefines our common purpose as Zambians; where electorates are our masters because this is the whole duty of leadership.

We want partnership that will bring respect to the office of Presidency; which has currently been defined and reduced to unacceptable low levels bringing shame not only to us in the country but also to those of our citizens outside the country. Once we elect a president, it is the duty of every Zambian to respect and help that Presidency to govern our affairs properly and not where politicians rain insults on each other. We must change political landscape of our mother Zambia. My dream is to see my country Zambia where, Zambians will live together as brothers and sisters; where our common tribe will be Zambian and not yellow, black, red or blue. God put all tribes of Zambia together on this land we called Zambia for a purpose; together we must endeavor to discover that purpose.

Edgar Munahacikama Keembe
Acting National Chairman-MMD

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