MMD bribing UPND Officials with K5m each

United Party for National Development (UPND) has alleged the ruling MMD resorted to corruption activities in Mbabala constituency in an effort to hoodwink voters.

UPND deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has told QFM that his party has information that the ruling MMD is offering UPND party officials in the constituency about K 5.5 million each for them to defect to the ruling party.

Mr. Mweetwa has further alleged that the MMD is working with former Mbabala Member of Parliament Emmanuel Hachipuka who has been tasked to convince UPND party officials to defect to the ruling party.

Mr. Mweetwa has added that UPND has sufficient evidence on the matter and is contemplating writing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia on the alleged electoral malpractices being perpetuated by MMD.

He has observed that electoral malpractices if not addressed have the potential to erupt violence during election period.

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