MMD broke, Nevers Mumba in Mangango with K11, 000

The MMD has no money for the forthcoming parliamentary bye-elections, including Mangango,  and each candidate will have to foot his campaign.

MMD leader Nevers Mumba is currently in Mangango but MMD sources says he only carried K11, 000 for the entire campaign programme.

‘The K11, 000 which Dr Mumba took when he went to Mangango is the only money allocated for Mangango bye-election as the MMD coffers are dry,’ said a source within MMD.

Sources say this K11, 000 is meant to cater for all logistics such as campaign materials, food and transport for campaigners on the ground.

To mount a full and effective campaign in a place like Mangango, a political party needs to put in a minimum of K300, 000.

There are a lot of requirements that need money in a bye-election. A party needs to put agents at each and every polling station, feed campaigners, buy fuel and sometimes hire 4×4 vehicles that can conquer rough terrains in villages. A political party needs to hire public address systems, print publicity materials, pay for adverts on Radio and often provide transport to would be voters to rally venues. Campaigners also need accommodation and lodge owners tend to up charges when there are such events.

Moreover, in a place like Mangango where there are no lodges, the money required increases, as campaigners have to trek to and from Kaoma to find accommodation.

K11, 000 is not even enough for fuel to cater for serious campaigns. MMD sources say the K11, 000 is juts enough for Dr Mumba himself to tour a few villages like he is currently doing but no seruous campaigns.

It is believed that funders of the MMD have started withholding their money, as they are allegedly not happy with the current party leadership. The current and visible leaders of MMD are Dr Mumba, Bowman Lusambo (who some people say it the vice-president and Muhabi Lungu.

There are also allegations that the current top leadership in MMD squandered more than K600, 000 that was donated to the party from some organisation in Europe.



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