MMD cadre arrested for threatening PF cadres with gun

Police in Kitwe have arrested a man for allegedly pulling a gun over a political argument at a bar.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Martin Malama has named the arrested man as Justine Mwelwa, forty-four, a member of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD.

Dr. Malama has told ZNBC News in Kitwe that the suspect allegedly pulled a gun and fired three rounds in the air after differing with members of the Patriotic Front PF at a bar Friday night.

He says PF members lodged a complaint against the suspect who is in police custody.

Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Yotam Mtayachalo has confirmed that the arrested man is a member of the MMD but says the suspect was violently attacked by PF carders who hit him on the head with a bottle without any provocation.

Mr. Mtayachalo says according to the information he has received, a group of PF cadres allegedly followed the MMD member where he was standing near his car and hit him hard on the head with a beer bottle before running away.

He says the MMD member then fired in the air to stop the fleeing PF members so that they could be arrested.

Mr. Mtayachalo says PF cadres are implementing a violent strategy of following and attacking MMD members to cause anarchy.

Meanwhile, the Copperbelt Police Chief Dr. Malama has warned that people threatening or perpetrating violence before, during and after the September 20 elections will be arrested regardless of their political afflictions or status in society.

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