MMD cadres have grabbed our land

Please this is emergence

I m a Bauleni township resident  and I have stayed in Bauleni for 30 years now with my parents and we have been surviving by grace of the Lord.

My parents have being farming in chalala area (land between New Kasama and Chalala) for 5 years now without any problems, now yesterday when my parents went to start preparing the field that we have been using for five years, only to find 5 people working on it and they told her that we have been given this land by MMD.

I have discovered that the MMD is giving land to carders from Bauline compound, as I’m writing to you now most of the people are been given this land which belongs to the ministry of lands, the people are been asked to pay between K20 000 and K50 000 for the plot.

Please can you ask on our behalf from the ministry of land and LCC about this land between New kasama and chalala area if its legal or illegal. Someone must stop this illegal land distribution which the MMD is giving for campaigns, is this not corruption?



Bauleni Lusaka

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