Suspicion: MMD candidate Mwanawasa withdraws from Kafulafuta race

In a very, very suspicious move,  MMD candidate for Kafulafuta, Evelyn Mwanawasa, has withdrawn from the race after reportedly  being admitted with severe high blood pressure at Ndola Central Hospital.

Family spokesperson Gladys Nundwe announced the development to the media, saying as a family, they had a meeting and resolved that Evelyn who is sister to late president Levy Mwanawasa, has also agreed that her health was more important than politics.

Ms. Nundwe said even after she is discharged from hospital, they will not allow Ms. Mwanawasa to engage in politics because of her health situation. Nondwe did not explain what caused Mwanawasa’ blood pressure to shoot up suddenly.

Ms. Mwanawasa is among the candidates that successful filed in nomination.

Given the desperation by the PF regime, it will not be surprising to hear that Mwanawasa has been threatened or bribed into withdrawing.

It remains to the MMD lawyers to see if they present a case to the ECZ and or go to court and ask if the ECZ can not be compelled to allow the MMD to sponsor another candidate.


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