MMD condemns killing of Chinese manager but blames PF decree of minimum wage

 The MMD has strongly condemned the ‘barbaric criminal act of’ killing the Chinese national at Column Mine in Sinazongwe but says the PF regime is to blame.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said in a  press statement that ‘we find the act to be un-Zambian and call for perpetrators to be severely punished.  We wish to send our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and the Chinese government during this very difficult time.’

But the MMD leader added that: ‘many Zambians, including the MMD feel that the PF government has created a very volatile environment between employers and employees.

He said the the ‘decree’ by the Ministry of Labour to raise the minimum wage without adequate consultation with stakeholders will result in continued violence and shall pose a great risk to national security and stability.

Mumba therefore said in order to forestall further violence in the nation, the MMD calls for the immediate suspension of the statutory instrument on the minimum wage until adequate and effective consultations are made.

He Governance is a process and not a science of “immediate effect” decrees, which gives no lead time to employers to prepare themselves for adjusted salaries.

He said such abrupt decrees are injurious to the sustenance of a growing economy and job market.

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