MMD convention is a sham and shame

If President Rupiah Banda and other retards in their small party MMD can not allow people to chose leaders freely, can these thieves allow Zambians to vote for leaders of their choice?
The governing party Movement for Multi-party Democracy -MMD- will convene a convention some time in April this year. It is at the convention that MMD members are supposed to chose their party leaders. This is the only time that members have a direct say on what direction the party takes and who drives them in that direction.
But will ordinary MMD members chose their leaders freely? No. That is impossible.
President Rupiah Banda and his small inner circle will make sure that the will of the members is stifled. It is president Banda’s dictatorship that will prevail. This, the nation has already seen. Those who indicated that they will stand as presidential candidates have been intimidated, harassed and tossed out of the party. Even those who showed interest to exercise their party and human democratic rights to be chosen as vice president of the party have met the full wrath of the MMD. Look at Mike Mulongoti. He has now been isolated and members fear to be seen with him in public. The sin he has committed is simply declaring that he wants to contest the MMD vice presidency.
Party thugs in the name of youth chairmen have been unleashed on him to intimidate him and challenge him on issues they have not raised before. Mulongoti is now living in fear. Had it not been for pride, he would have recanted and withdrawn his intention to challenge George Kunda who has been anointed by president Banda to be his deputy.
If they do this to a senior member of their own party like Mulongoti, what can they do to people who want to take away power from them? Mulongoti is not just a senior MMD official, he is a cabinet minister. But he has been treated like trash
What happens in the MMD affects the whole country because these are the thieves who control our national resources. So the nation must watch these events carefully. Because of his UNIP background, we understand president Banda’s attitude toward being challenged. He comes from a party where leaders were seen as gods on earth.
But it is George Kunda who surprises us. The vice president is a lawyer by profession as such we expected him to be above board and be better than the MMD mediocre leadership. But Kunda, once leader of the Law Association of Zambia is behaving like an ordinary MMD hooligan. As a lawyer, we expected vice president Kunda to protect the rights of members to vote and seek office. But instead, the vice president is hiring thugs to intimidate members who just want to exercise their rights.
Mike Mulongoti is not a good leader like most of them in MMD. But to deny him the right to seek office is unacceptable.
And for president Banda to go to Livingstone and stand in the open air and open his mouth to utter things he does not believe in is just unbelievable.
How can president Banda say there is need to allow delegates to elect leaders of their choice at the MMD convention? Who is he telling this? Who is not allowing the delegates to elect leaders if not him and Kunda?
This is what is called hypocrisy. If president Banda wanted delegates to elect leaders freely, he would have facilitated this. He, as acting president of MMD, in whose hands all power resides, would have made sure Mulongoti is not harassed. He would have allowed other party members to challenge him as party president. There are so many people who would have challenged him if this was allowed. But he has frustrated every body who could mount a serious challenge to his hold on power. They are going to the convention just to hoodwink people that they are a democratic party. The convention is a sham and waste of money.
And like he clearly said at the airport, he is only interested in delegates voting for leaders. In this case he means the carefully selected delegates who will vote for endorsed leaders. He does not mean that any member who wants to be elected should be allowed.
The same thing will happen on the position of National Secretary. President Banda will intimidate anyone who will challenge his choice on this one. He has picked a fellow dinosaur to fill this position.
Now these are the people we expect to allow free and fair elections for you and me to chose our president and MPs later this year.
Zambians should be prepared for rigged elections.

And where will the MMD get the K4 billion to go and waste at the sham convention to feed thugs?  From the Chinese Communists party? The MMD does not make money. Unlike progressive political parties, the MMD has no legitimate businesses of its own. So they will again steal from government coffers. They will dip their hands in taxpayers money. ZESCO, ZRA, NAPSA and other government institutions will be made to divert money again like they have always. Or maybe they will get it from donations from party sympathizers? But who can sympathize with the MMD apart from thieves, and other corrupt elements.

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