First step: MMD councilors in Kabompo east defect to PF

Three MMD councillors and constituency officials in Kabompo east constituency have resigned from the opposition party to join the ruling PF  with immediate effect.

Leading the defectors in Kabompo today during a press briefing was Mayinga ward councillor who is also the deputy council chairperson Enock Dingombi.

Area MP Dan Chinyimbu, who was among the MMD MPS ‘purchased’ at a cheap price of K50 million by president Michael Sata last week was supposed to resign with. He will resign anytime this week together with others.

Insteaf of sepaking for himself and his family, Dingombi  said that the people in constituency have realized the need to align themselves with the PF government because of its development agenda.

Dingombi said the councillors and the party officials have decided to defect because they want to develop their area in line with the PF programmes.

The other defectors include Moses Kahyata, Kaula ward councillor who is also the constituency youth chairperson, Godfrey Hakatoka, Chitebe ward councillor and Goeffrey Kakoma who is the MMD Kabompo east constituency secretary.

And receiving the defectors north western province minister Stephen Masumba thanked the councillors and the party officials for their bold decision and assured them that the PF party will protect their sacrifice.

Mr Masumba said he was happy that he was not alone who realized that the MMD has no future to meet the aspirations of the people.

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