MMD demands to know condition and whereabouts of Sata

MMD demands to know condition and whereabouts of Sata

The MMD has demanded that the nation be told the condition and whereabouts of president Michael Sata.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said in a statement Saturday evening that the lack of information as to the whereabouts of the President after the AU meeting in Ethiopia is most unfortunate, as it breeds anxiety amongst the citizens.

Dr. Mumba said reports making the rounds that the President could be in the UK or India for medical reasons need to either be confirmed or dismissed by government.

‘Government should be made aware that Presidents are human beings like all of us and experience ill-health from time to time.

‘We wish to advise government that it is imperative that Zambians are informed of the travels of the head of state for various reasons.

‘Firstly, all Presidential trips are funded by the taxpayer, and therefore it is expected that the tax payers are made aware of the travels of the President,’ said Dr.Mumba.

Dr Mumba further said ‘it is also important that citizens know the purpose of a presidential visit in order to assess whether the national resources are being prudently utilized.’

He said government must always take responsibility and inform the citizens about the whereabouts of the President.

‘The President is further entitled to be flown to any destination where we believe best medical attention could be given. If the President is sick, such information will help rally citizens to pray for the head of state. The silence of government on the condition and whereabouts of the President is recipe for anxiety and panic in the nation’, he said.

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