MMD expels 9 MPs serving in PF

Nine by-elections are looming in the MMD held constituencies after party president Nevers Mumba this morning said all MMD members of parliament currently serving as Deputy Ministers in the patriotic front government should consider themselves expelled.

Dr. Nevers Mumba said this at media briefing at the party secretariat in Lusaka that the move is aimed at instilling discipline in the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba charged that the nine MMD MPs in question have a choice to leave the party immediately or join the PF and relinquish their parliamentary seats.

He said the party would rather have a few MPs than have a bunch of indiscipline Parliamentarians.

Below is what Never Mumba said:

Considering the obvious agenda of the PF government to diminish the opposition both in Parliament and outside, the Party has decided to fight for democracy.  We did not start this war and we don’t want it, but PF has declared war on democracy.  Although we don’t like this war.  We are ready to fight until we win.  We have been provoked, our members have been brutally hunted to belong to the  PF government.  In view of this assault on democracy, the MMD has decided to protect itself.

I wish to announce that our Party has decided to invoke the resolution of the PLC which was held immediately after losing the 2011 election, that:

“Any MMD Member of Parliament who accepts a ministerial job from the PF government ceases to be a member of the MMD Party and a letter of expulsion shall be sent and the National Secretary shall inform the Speaker accordingly.”

Our only tools for survival are discipline and unity.  As President, I would rather have twenty disciplined and dedicated MPs than 80 who are not sure where they stand.

It is not the wish of our Party to see costly bye elections take away tax payers money from the poor, but this is what the President of Zambia wants.  He has never cared about money spent on bye elections.  That is why he wants to declare all our 52 seats vacant.  In principle we are opposed to these bye elections, but PF is determined to increase their numbers in Parliament that they are not holding back in how much are spending on bye elections.  In Muchinga bye election for instance – the President used Air force Planes and three helicopters.  The Vice President came twice instead of once and also came with a plane and helicopters each time.  The Minister of Defense, who was the Campaign Manager also had his own plane, all at government expense.  This is the exercise they wish to repeat in all fifty two constituencies they plan to hold bye elections, with each bye election costing the tax-pay about K5 billion, a total of K260 billion is at stake of the Zambian people don’t stop this government from abuse of government resources.

MMD is ready for the fight ahead.  President Sata expelled 22 of his MPs when he personally decided that they should not participate in the NCC.  The message was loyalty to the Party directives.

MMD demands that the money PF wishes to use in the bye elections they are triggering can be used on poverty alleviation programmes, on providing medicines in clinics and hospitals.


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