MMD expels Feira MP Ngoma who plans to defect on Saturday

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has expelled its Fiera constituency Member of Parliament Patrick Ngoma with immediate effect.

MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu said the opposition MP has expelled its Feira MP for alleged flouting the party constitution.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Nyangu confirmed the development in an interview in Lusaka, today.

He said that the decision follows both findings from an investigation conducted by the party and revelations of disloyalty from Fiera constituency.

Mr. Ngoma has been involved in activities that were de-campaigning the party an action he says shows disloyalty to the party leadership, the MMD Deputy National Secretary said.

He explained that his party’s action is a form of instilling discipline to all party members as some MPs are disregarding the party after acquiring their parliamentary seats using MMD resources.

This comes after MMD president Nevers Mumba yesterday announced that the party was on course to take disciplinary measures on all erring party members.

The Watchdog revealed ear liar on Thursday that Ngoma would next saturday defect to at an event where ailing president sata will be in attendance.

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    Straight Talk Zambia 5 years

    Traitors and the faint hearted deserve this. You can’t honestly waste tax payers’ money by causing an unnecessary by-election because of a valueless deputy ministerial position. This is the more reason why I say the Zambian Government must reduce taxes because it is not the best spender of our money. How can you go round borrowing money and you decide to use your internally generated revenue to finance a string of unnecessary and useless by-elections? And Sata it is Sata who is the cause of all this. He is wasting our resources and killing our democracy and you have selfish people like Ngoma and his colleagues that want to stick with him. Bravo MMD for pre-empting a stage managed defection. Thumbs Up. It is better to have fewer MPs than a whole pack ofchatacters that are inherently disloyal.

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      induku 5 years

      Bakateka has or is not interested,has never been and will never be interested to promote democracy.its like H.E has already the candidate to take over not the one doing the donkey work of secretarial of Paya Farmer or the miller neither the one with greesy like hair.

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    Boko Haram 5 years

    bravo NEVERS, shame on you William BANDA WHO corruptly brought in Ngoma from TZ ditching your fellow easterner Shawa.

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    Sandala 5 years

    If Lubinda was disciplined, who is Ngoma not to be disciplined? Agony is the expenditure and violence that comes with by elections and there is urgent need to address such matters in our next constitution. Why do we have such a big number of indisciplined politicians? This is a clear indication that those responsible of leading us fall short of morality and integrity and they are therefore responsible of replicating corruption in the civil service as captured by Auditor General. Leadership is the measurement standard for those they lead.

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    Im just feeling bad for Nevers Mumba coz he is a good man but MMd is a useless part.
    These guys were stupid when they were in Govt, you will be burried soon and soon.

    Come to UPND the next Govt.

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    We are tired of defacating mps. Today someone is in mmd, defacates and defects to fp 2moro. Dont kubeeba (dont steal them).

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    Mulenga 5 years

    I am a state house official please allow me space to share my reflections in your widely read news site on the sad reality most people avoid facing and please do not publish my name am a civil servant.

    It is not a secret anymore that our dear President HE MCS is suffering from PROSTRATE CANCER and a threatening heart condition which has left him alive by the will of the spirit and not his body. It is saddening to see this man face to face and to know the reality of his illness which unfortunately many have undeniably failed to come to terms with.

    fellow countrymen and women, our president is sick and the requires resting away from active political life. His prostate cancer has reached an advanced stage such that urine comes out uncontrollably. A temporal measure to help in his condition is that a tube has been inserted into the urethra to collect urine into a urine bag. When he visited the Chibombo accident victims’ burial this urine collecting bag was fastened nicely and covered in his suit. Even during the famous swearing in ceremonies at state house the same strategy is used. The problem is that he cannot stay longer at any function or international gathering because the urine collection bag has limited capacity to hold urine and requires frequent changing lest it bursts and spills urine on the head of state. It is for this reason the experts thought the best way to prevent embarrassment on part of the head of state is to have controlled public exposure. The PF Government must immediately find a replacement to the ailing head of state whose illness has reached an advanced stage. Am pretty sure the first lady has tried by all means to encourage him by not only changing his urine bag but also giving him emotional support. However this measure is temporal and somewhat costly to the nation because the head of state is expected to travel within and outside the country. HE MCS’ controlled public exposure is African’s natural tendency to hide illness.

    As a state house Aide am very saddened to see the PF this way. I had hope in Sata but nature has its way. Right now Mmembe and fellow crooks are controlling us since the Sata we knew is not who he is now.

    Finally here are tips on Prostrate Cancer:

    Prostate cancer is mostly a very slow progressing disease. In fact, many men die of old age, without ever knowing they had prostate cancer – it is only when an autopsy is done that doctors know it was there. Several studies have indicated that perhaps about 80% of all men in their eighties had prostate cancer when they died, but nobody knew, not even the doctor.

    Symptoms of prostate cancer

    During the early stages of prostate cancer there are usually no symptoms. Most men at this stage find out them have prostate cancer after a routine checkup or blood test. When symptoms do exist, they are usually one or more of the following:

    The patient urinates more often
    The patient gets up at night more often to urinate
    He may find it hard to start urinating
    He may find it hard to keep urinating once he has started
    There may be blood in the urine
    Urination might be painful
    Ejaculation may be painful (less common)
    Achieving or maintaining an erection may be difficult (less common)

    If the prostate cancer is advanced the following symptoms are also possible:

    Bone pain, often in the spine (vertebrae), pelvis, or ribs
    The proximal part of the femur can be painful
    Leg weakness (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)
    Urinary incontinence (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)
    Fecal incontinence (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)

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      Balangombe 5 years

      You are not only a fool but must be fired. Whether sick or not. SATA is still President at least til 2016. For your information during World two II, USA was ruled by polimelitis infected person for 12 years. So foolish people like have no place in modern politics

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        induku 5 years

        To be polite,all cancers when fully spread beyond 70years depending of oone’s past lifestyle chances are high not to live longer.
        Pf its time to look for the successor now.sound the drums ..MMD did it heartly with love for Zambia.

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    MMD now causing by elections.Nevers came to destroy,spoil and wreck.He has done this before to his own party and church that he created,what more inherited dead party.Anyway,we told MMD,Mutati must be shaking his head

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      Mpongwe 5 years

      If the man is found erring he must accepts the consequences. This has nothing to do with Felix Mutati, disloyalty is simply that, better to remain with one loyal MP than 100 disloyal MPs

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    nkeyema 5 years

    The fall of the once mighty party, the MMD. Too bad for PASTOR he is leading party that is slowly dying

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    Tom Cruze 5 years

    Watch Dog,Investigate roumours that the Livingstone MP has killed someone in Kafue and is currently under custody

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    Muchende 5 years

    IS THIS A CURSE TO HAVE PF IN GOVERNMENT? Lord pliz forgive our sins. Is this why we ar AFRICANS? K18 Billion 2 Ballot printers AT OUR EXPENSE(Tax payers). 17months AFTER SPENDING OUR RESOURCES ON THE ELECTIONS OF THEZ PF PIPO and THEY REPAY US LIKE THIS

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      kangombo 5 years

      Don’t mention God in this foolish behavior of u5 and nervours!

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    Tax man 5 years

    Let him come to the succesing team, on the boat all the way.

  • comment-avatar
    namusunga 5 years

    where are we heading as a country sure a poor country like zambia having election every month.Who can realy help Zambia.Is God watching this drama.Some zambians have no shelter where to sleep or even what to eat and we are spending billions of kwacha on by-election on the understanding that democracy is expensive.We should reflect on what are our prioties.

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    Only “useful Idoits”can think and hope that Paya Farmer(PF),Pathetic Failures(PF),panaFi(pF) will go beyond One-Term.The PF victory is like that of the National Team:One-Term African Champions.

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    Muchende 5 years

    One by-election costs k18billion, which can pay 900 civil servants 4 six months @ k3million per month per individual or we can hav 1800 unemployed youths each walking away with k10million 4 starting a business. WAKE UP FELLOW AFRICANS 2 THEZ CHEAP POLITICS(whch simply make U talk tribes) WHICH DO NOT BENEFIT U .

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    Ngilingindo 5 years

    this ka villager form feira..useless..we thought you had brains kanshi ndiwe nyandule chabe..atase..ngoma is a traitor..

  • comment-avatar
    Chief puta 5 years

    Welcome Mr Ngoma to tha boat!Thez no need 2b in a dyng party wt no vision at all.Nevers Mumba is nt only moraly bt also financially bankrupt.HH vry rich bt no brains politically.Sooner or later thse 2 fools wil find themselves in tha boat.

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    There will be NO ressurection for MMD.

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    London 5 years

    Every house has got rules period!

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    Shimapuli 5 years

    Ba MMD ba fikala mwalitushupa sana when you were in power.Now you are tasting your own medicine.I enjoy seeing the confusion in your dead party.

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      Controlling the Poor's Finances 5 years

      There’s more confusion in our PF……

      Let’s not pretend that we are blind….

      Gosh.. 90 days….

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    wajimona 5 years

    Ngoma is wasting his time.Pf will field Gutinu.

  • comment-avatar
    SAD 5 years

    If you are in a party, you must abide by the rules.