MMD explains how Fawaz & PF thugs disrupted meeting and beat up people

MMD explains how Fawaz & PF thugs disrupted meeting and beat up people

The following statement and photos have been sent to the Watchdog from the MMD secretariat in Lusaka

MMD official’s clothes torn

MMD through the Vice President-Political Dr. Michael Kaingu had a meeting at Kalengwa market in Kalengwa that started around 14 hours.

The meeting was well attended. The Vice President was addressing the meeting when suddenly, a white Land Cruiser pick up with Masumba’s posters on it and being driven by a man of mixed race called Ibrahim flanked by another notorious man called Amadu moved towards the MMD meeting place.

The two guys stopped right at the meeting place, hooting and raised the PF symbols to out rightly disturb the meeting. Their evil intention was merely to disrupt the meeting at all costs.

MMD leaders, Tobias Kafumukache and Emmanuel Chihili, earnestly appealed to Ibrahim and Amadu to be respectful and leave the MMD alone urging them to call for their own meeting instead of provoking the situation. At this point, Ibrahim and Amadu drove past the meeting but came back 3 minutes later this time at a higher speed and stopped at the same place facing the opposite side. This time, the people got so incensed that they almost charged at the two thugs. We restrained the people and pleaded with the guys to leave.

In an attempt to flee after the two thugs realised that people would pounce on them, a small girl about six years of age was missed by a whisker from being bashed by these uncouth characters  At this point the people mostly women started charging towards Ibrahim and Amadu but again the MMD leaders strained to restrain the situation. The two guys then took off thinking they had heeded to the MMD persuasion only to see them return with a van over loaded by thugs. The over 20 thugs who were equipped with plunks, machetes and other objects then charged towards the MMD Vice President Dr. Kaingu, National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache and Provincial Secretary Emmanuel Chihili to attack them.

Thankfully, four ring leaders of the thugs acknowledged Emmanuel Chihili and restrained the situation.

However, Amadu and Ibrahim forcefully started instructing the thugs to beat up the MMD leaders.

At this time, some of the people that had scampered earlier on returned with sticks and stones ready to strike once the MMD leaders were attacke. Realising that the thugs would be defeated, Ibrahim and Amadu started hauling insults at Dr Kaingu and the MMD leaders who remained restraint. The confusion of pushing each other in order to protect Dr Kaingu ensued. The thugs started beating up people that seemingly protected Dr Kaingu and MMD leaders.

In the process, the Provincial Secretary was hit with an object in the right ribs, the Senior Headman for Kalengwa Mr Fumbelo was hit hard with a plunk in the face and sustained a cut and swollen forehead whilst Edwin Sekeletu was hit in the back. The MMD still restrained the people and its members from fighting back as this could have led to serious bloodshed. When MMD leaders attempted to call the police, Ibrahim and Amadu openly said the police cannot do anything to them because they were all being fed and paid by them.

Senior Headman for Kalengwa was hit with object on forehead

Moreover, Ibrahim and Amadu arrogantly stated how President Sata had protected them that no one could touch them. They even threatened to shoot anyone that would come their way. They claimed Kalengwa was their territory under their full control that anyone who was coming there should get permission from them first. We thank God’s protection because there could have been a serious blood shed.

Amadu and Ibrahim are hard core criminals. The people in Kalengwa have been living in extreme fear .
because of these criminals. The scenario in Kalengwa is very cruel. Workers at Shawi Fawaz’s mine are always beaten and humiliated by these same thugs to point where they get paid after six months yet get one month’s salary. You complain, you are beaten and fired. The police must arrest these criminals or else we will as MMD. We urge the Police to arrest Shawi within 24 hours or else we will arrest him as MMD.

We are waiting on the police and if they do not act within the given time, we will send our men to arrest him for our men are ready and waiting for a command from the leadership. The people of Mufumbwe do not deserve violence and as MMD, we want to sympathise with the local people here that they should not be subjected to violence. As MMD, we want to ensure that we respect the local people and conduct our campaigns in the most civil manner.

We therefore urge the PF to play their part of respecting the local so that we have a free and fare election that guarantees the best candidate wins. We wont allow intimidation of any form in the Mufumbwe bye-election. We wonder how PF has legalised the illegal mine for Shawi against the court ruling to operate.

We all are aware how Shawi is funding PF and Masumba in Mufumbwe but this will not upset the victory mood of the people.

One wonders whether or not Shawi is operating as a mine or PF.

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