MMD factions continue fighting for PF love

MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima says the party’s faction led by Rupiah Banda is hit by hunger, hence its haste to merge with the PF.

But but his faction has even come up with timetable to merge with PF. See the document below taken from Nevers Mumba’s computer:


(18TH – 19TH MARCH 2015

The National Policy Conference is the intermediate consultative forum for the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to review and renew its governance policies.
The conference defines the ethos and general character of the organization. It reviews the party performance since the last NPC. The conference further discusses the relevance of all Policies and if need be propose changes to old policies and introduce new ones in line with the changing times. The mandate of the NPC is to debate all policies and take the recommendations in form of resolutions to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for ratification. Those changes which require constitutional amendments shall be referred to the convention.
The NPC shall deal with: –
1. Economic transformation Policy
2. Social transformation Policy
3. Political ethos – Democracy, rule of law and other related governance issues
4. Financial sustainability
5. Strategy and Tactics
6. Organisational Renewal
7. International Relations
8. Alliances
The resolutions will form part of the New Hope MMD policy direction for the next five years.
1. Chairmen of Committees NEC Members
2. Provincial Leaders (x3) – Chairman, Chairlady and Youth Chairman
3. District Leaders (x 2) – Chairman and Chairlady
4. Members of Parliament
5. Provincial, District and Constituency (selected officials from Lusaka
17th March – Arrival of delegates in the evening
18th March – 08:00 hours: Official opening (President)
: Plenary Session
: Committees
: Lunch
: Committees continued
: Resolutions
: Dinner
: Video on MMD (the journey)
: Musical Concert
19th March – 09:00 hrs : Official Closing
: Presidential Speech on the new
: Delegates return to their Provinces

1. Send teams to Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Provinces to meet leaders and identify delegates to the NPC.
2. Choose Provincial Leaders to attend and let them identify the District officials to attend. Each delegate must be talked to and schooled on the purpose of the NPC

3. Two goals are:
(a) Re-define the New Hope MMD and clarify our Polices.
(b) Discuss electoral and governance Agreement with the PF moving forward
(c) The state and shape of the MMD within this agreement.

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