MMD gives Shakas, Chibombamilimo ruling to lawyers

mmd-cadresThe ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy says it is studying the injunction granted to Katuba and Mpulungu members of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa and Lameck Chibombamilimo respectively by the Lusaka high court restraining the MMD from expelling them from the party.

MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba said the ruling party has engaged its lawyers to study options on the matter before charting the way forward.

Dr. Kalumba told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the party will issue an official comment upon receiving advice from the lawyers.

“We have heard and we are aware of the injunction by the court. We are asking the lawyers to study the matter; we will issue an official comment after receiving advice from our lawyers.” said Dr. Kalumba.

The High court yesterday granted two former deputy ministers an injunction restraining the MMD from expelling them from the party.

In his ruling Justice Nigel Mutuna said the expulsion of the two Mps would lead to the loss of the parliamentary seats which would mean the duo would be able to exercise their duty and functions that come with being an MP.

And Dr. Kalumba has reiterated that the ruling party is currently not preoccupied with the convention contrally to some party member’s calls to cancel the party convention.

The ruling party National Secretary said the MMD is currently focused on strengthening the party and help government on policy issues on matters affecting the country such as the negative effects of the global economic recession.

He has since urged party members across the country to support and help President Rupiah Banda govern the country effectively.

“Let us help President Banda in governing the nation. It is important that we strengthen the party and help drive government policies according to the party manifesto.” Dr Kalumba said.

Dr. Kalumba said it is important for the MMD to also listen and focus on people’s aspirations across the country in order to continue serving them effectively.

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