‘MMD has broken my heart’

I am now a former MMD supporter looking to share my sadness/disappointment via your publication. Hopefully you will simply call me Anonymous.
Events of the last week involving the MMD that have climaxed today are very saddening to say the least.
I have always been a staunch MMD supporter and may I say that this serves as a resignation and I hope as Zambians we can all take time to reflect in our hearts and search our souls for the love we once had for each other as Zambians.
It is sad that a Pastor has all along been behind hooligans calling for the National Secretary’s resignation and worse still violence was threatened and delivered.
The Pastor did not even condemn it. The path that the MMD has taken is very dark and some of us thought the Pastor was leading us to the light. Many condemn any opposition leader visiting state house, without going into the immorality of condemning opposition visits to state house, let me mention that every story has 3 sides and only 1 is the truth! We have heard of frequent visits by the National Secretary to state house, we have also heard that there were 2 visits to state house (and they were sanctioned), we have also heard of the Pastor storming statehouse with hooligans, somewhere in between probably lies the truth. My question to anybody with a better answer is this; should we condemn dialogue or should we condemn ill-conceived motives?
Many supported the act of storming state house and others supported it, some might actually call requesting a sit down as a more mature approach but whichever you prefer, we need to remember honesty in our motives! MMD appointed opposition MP’s as Ministers but some kept their loyalty and allegiance to their parties. I believe the real problem is loyalty, allegiance and motives. At this point I will state that even before losing power I heard the National Secretary preaching unity and not insults (so it is not new today). My reason for resigning from the MMD is because all loyalty has been thrown out the window and I fear who is next. Under the Pastor’s leadership the MMD is heading into a very dark tunnel with no sign of light and whatever motives he may have, they don’t seem genuine.
All MMD members are aware that the now ousted National Secretary has been fighting so many legal battles in court since 23rd September last year. MMD had to relocate so many offices all over the country and RB who had been keeping funding a secret could not be relied on anymore. So within days MMD lost its money (since that was RB’s secret), lost its offices around the country, lost so many fake supporters that quickly jumped ship and lost over 200 vehicles (almost becoming immobile). The National Secretary was at times left caring for the party alone. When I think about the recent history of the individuals involved, its actually scares me that the one I trust less is a Pastor. The National Secretary has been at the secretariat since 2001, and I remember when he was the Deputy National Secretary it was the first time in a long time that members could openly approach someone at that level and queue up anytime to be heard.
It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I am even writing this. It is all like a bad dream, where are we headed? I am really questioning even my nationhood. Watching youths who many claim are innocent and are just being used by selfish politicians. Really? How innocent are they dragging a grown man like that? And which selfish politicians? Surely a Pastor? If there is truth proving that the National Secretary was indeed frequenting stet house with wrong motives, again I would be greatly disappointed (but where is that proof?). And if so, is this how we are doing things in our great nation?

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