MMD has failed to stop Sata

It would seem that the attempt by the MMD to prevent PF leader Michael Sata from standing for president in 2011 is failing.

The MMD seems to be in utter confusion and would resort to any means including forgery.

The latest attempt of saying Sata was arrested for a criminal offence before independence and therefore should not contest is ridiculous. It’s clear and the MMD knows that Sata was arrested for political reasons.

And since he was arrested for political reasons, he can not be barred. That would mean that all our founding fathers who were jailed for fighting for our freedom do not qualify to hold political office.

But if you read between the lines, the MMD are careful with their language. They are only saying Sata was arrested for ‘a criminal offence’ and therefore lied to the Chief Justice on two occasion when in filing his presidential nominations said he has never been jailed.

The reason for this sort of language is simple. They will push through with this case even when they know the truth.

Home Affairs minister Lameck Mangani  says ‘the prisons department is keen to dig deeper to find the truth on Mr. Sata’s past…the whole investigation process will take longer as the alleged criminal activity took place in the 1960s.’

Forgery, intimidation and bribery is what will be taking place during this long period Mangani is referring to. They can actually come up with fake records, after all they control the state.

But why is the MMD so afraid of Sata that they will go this extent. First it was about his age until they were reminded that their leader Rupiah Banda is older than Sata.

They moved to health. It couldn’t work as well since Sata now looks much more helthier than most MMD leaders and their wives.

They are still betting on the degree requirement for president. But they are also not sure here because they do no know whether he has a degree or not.

So they are not sleeping. They won’t sleep untill they are sure that he has been stopped from standing.

But this is very sad and a bad precedent for our country. There are more legitimate ways of stopping Sata.

They simply have to perform to the expectations of the electorates. Stop the unnecessary trips abroad. Provide farmers with inputs on time. Put proper drainage systems in the country.  Reduce the size of cabinet. Stop selling the country to China and generally stop stealing etc.

That way Sata will become irrelevant. But because of this folly, the government, instead of working, is diverting it’s efforts to Sata.

But now Sata is smiling. He knows that the government is wasting time on him instead of delivering. And whenn the time to campaign comes innthe next few months, he will simply ask, what have they done for you?

As for him, he will simply say, in 90 days, I will do this and that. And the people will be willing to try him.

But then, the MMD will rig the elections like they have always done. So why are they worried?

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