MMD has given Zambians a raw deal-Luchembe

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has charged that Zambians have been given a raw deal by the current Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) leadership as it has failed terribly.

In an interview with Radio Phoenix, NAREP Copperbelt Campaign Manager, Chilufya Luchembe noted that the MMD’s rule has been unsuccessful in many areas as the party has not delivered its promises.

Luchembe said Government has failed to establish strong labor laws to protect the Zambian people instead it implements laws to benefit foreign investors all because of financial gain.

He also said it sad to see the manner in which employees are neglected when they retire as a result individuals die without getting the money they labored for.

Luchembe noted that there is need to respect workers as they contribute to the national development, adding that their cash should be paid immediately they retire just as Members of Parliament (MPs) are given gratuity upon leaving office.

He accused Government of wasting billions of tax payer’s funds on a failed constitution making process as it is yielded no good but only led to the misuse of resources meant for fostering national development.

Luchembe further pledged his party commitment, under the leadership of Elias Chipimo, to improve Government transparency, accountability, and performance.

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