MMD has no president, says Mpombo

Mpombo (right)

Mpombo (right)

Former defence minister George Mpombo has accused president Rupiah Banda of trying to import dictatorial tendencies from UNIP into the ruling MMD.

And Mr Mpombo says MMD has no party president and wonders who will represent the party in the 2011 presidential elections if the convention is not held before the elections.
Addressing journalists in Lusaka Friday, Mr Mpombo said the ruling MMD is premised on democratic principles and that president Banda and his people will not be allowed to introduce undemocratic tendencies in the party.
He says the party constitution is clear that a national convention should be held in every five years, and that postponing the convection will be illegal.
Mr Mpombo calls to have president Banda as the sole party presidential candidate are an insult not only to the party but the nation as a whole.
Mr Mpombo explained that the national executive committee of the MMD gave the presidency of the party to president Banda in an acting capacity because the national convention is the only body that can elected a president.
He has since disclosed that if President Banda insists on not holding the convention, a splinter pressure Group to push for the holding of the convection will merge in the party.
Mr. Mpombo said the southern African Development Community (SADC) will also be petitioned on alleged infringement of the MMD constitution and the principles of good governance and democracy by president Banda.
Meanwhile Mr Mponbo has described the speech by president Banda during the official opening of the fourth session of the 10th National Assembly as uninspiring.
He says the speech was full of political rhetoric and does not meet the aspirations of the majority suffering Zambians.
But MMD national chairman Michael Mabenga says Mr Mpombo has become politically useless.
He says the MMD is very democratic party because it has allowed people to debate over the holding of the national convention.
Mr Mabenga said it is low thinking on the part of Mr Mpombo to petition SADC over internal party issues.


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