MMD ignores goodwill from UPND, says will put candidate in Malambo

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has described as retrogressive the defection of its former Malambo Member of Parliament Maxwell Mwale who has joined the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).
The UPND announced that they will only contest in two constituences of Mulobezi and Malambo so that the MMD can defend the two others Petauke and Mkaika.

But MMD president Nevers Mumba says it retrogressive for Mr Mwale to make such a move at time the former ruling party is gaining momentum to get back into government.

Dr. Mumba says the defection of Mr. Mwale does not help sustain the prospects of strengthening the opposition in the country.

He however says the MMD will meet Mr. Mwale on the ground during the Malambo parliamentary by-election slated for 5th September.

Dr. Mumba says the MMD will put up a massive campaign in Malambo to retain the Parliamentary seat it lost through nullification by the courts.

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