MMD in Monze upset with adoption of Dr. Mukonka, say it’s nonsense

MMD in Monze upset with adoption of Dr. Mukonka, say it’s nonsense

Dr. Victor Mukonka

MMD members in Southern province say it will be difficult for President Rupiah Banda to retain power in this year’s election because of imposing candidates on the people.

The members, who had an urgent meeting last night to discuss the names of the candidates imposed on the people in the province, said the call for change of government is now inevitable because of the way President Banda has managed both party and national affairs.

The MMD members called for an urgent meeting last night after news went round that Dr. Victor Mukonka has been picked to contest the Monze Central constituency seat instead of Judith Hambwezya the preferred candidate.

Mary Sikopo said President Rupiah Banda has continued forcing people to contest without weighing their strength on the ground.

She said the MMD leadership at NEC failed to follow the advice to allow people choose their preferred candidates.

“Dr. Mukonka is nothing here,, he is not known, there are people who have been doing the work campaigning seriously for the party, they even applied to be adopted but President Banda has given us someone we don’t really know, we are tired with this nonsense and it is high time we teach President Banda a lesson, we shall demonstrate and campaign against the candidates he has picked for himself,” she said.

Catherine Banda described the move as a sign of arrogance and dictatorial tendencies that characterized the adoption process of parliamentary candidates in the MMD.

“Judith Hambwezya had the blessings from the people of Monze, chief Monze and Ufwenuka because they had personally asked her to come back home to help develop the area by standing as an MP, the two chiefs and the people of Monze really wanted Jack Mwiimbu (current MP) out because he has failed the people here, these people wanted a woman who can deliver not this Mukonka they have imposed on us,” she said.

Namakobo who is former MMD Monze district chairperson said the adoption of Mukonka and Namwala’s Major Robby Chizyuka has fueled confusion in the party in the province.

“This arrogance will cost the MMD quest to retain power because the voice of the people has been suppressed by President Banda, people are bitter and are saying they will not campaign and would rather voter for the opposition,” Namakobo said.

He said among the people that had applied to contest on the MMD Monze central ticket, Hambwezya was the favorite as she was adopted at both the constituency and the provincial level.


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