MMD in PF more disturbed by Bill 10’s death

MMD in PF more disturbed by Bill 10’s death


By George Sichula

I remember how President Lungu was supported by all true greens in 2015. In 2016 after forming Government, he decided to deal with everyone who was closer to our former Head of State, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. The message was clear that he never wanted to work closely with the true greens. We heard that he was advised to keep distance with the old members to avoid familiarity. To do so, some were sent in foreign missions to finish them politically while others were simply sidelined up to this point.

Now that Bill 10 has collapsed, the true greens have started regrouping themselves to see if they can try to save the party from dying. They have vowed to reposses their party. You will notice that the MMD are the only ones endorsing Predident Lungu for 2021 while all the PF members are quiet. Very soon you will see a very big crack between the so-called PF true greens and the MMD die hards . These guys survive Governments( Bakwata imitima shalusato). You will notice that they are more disturbed at the collapse of Bill 10 than the PF members.

President Lungu has now become vulnerable politically because people have already started positioning themselves within the PF. Things are very clear now that he will not stand in 2021. Those who are good at positioning themselves have already started talking with the opposition because the PF does not stand a chance next year. As we speak, the PF members are sitting on a volcano. Wait for serious drama this January. The PF members feel unsafe with the candidature of President lungu. There are many legal issues surrounding the big man, and this has caused serious divisions in the PF.

We see President Lungu become more vulnerable politically as we get closer to elections. All his bootlickers have sensed a shift. Do not be surprised to see people like Dora Siliya joining the Alliance.

The fight is now between the true greens and the PF hijackers(MMD).

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    Adviser 3 weeks ago

    When a political party is formed, it is for the whole country – everyone. Only foolish people will say the “true” this “true” that have been sidelined. So, to start saying “true greens”, whatever that means, is plain stupid. Every zambian should feel free to be a member of any party without discrimination of being labelled “true this”, “false that”. That is how you promote tribalism/regionalism.

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    Tmk Thomas lives 3 weeks ago

    PF is doomed to fail.

  • comment-avatar
    Emmanuel Mwale 3 weeks ago

    Well scripted. Thumbs up!

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    Ceejeyy 3 weeks ago

    What has happened in America will happen in Zambia in 2021. They have stollen money with impunity without a follow up to recover it, Auditor’s report, Covid-19 monies have gone into their pockets. H H we are waiting for you to bring back sanity to this country.

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    Bizmark 3 weeks ago

    Time will tell lungu has always thot he is smarter than everybody nomba this yr pipo will see the “Kings” true nakedness atii yaaa every thing apafye then that will be ourtime to laugh the loudest and be the last!!! 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃Wafwa baisa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏kikikikokokokokokkoko power mune belongs to God iwe NEBKADINERZA listen for once😭😭😭

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      Kenny Kawele 3 weeks ago

      When you hear them talking about wining the 2021 general elections as if they are ones who will for themselves. This is the same arrogance they showed on the fallen Bill 10…
      Some dump lawyers within PF even promised to walk naked if Bill 10 fails to go through.
      Its this arrogance, corruption , intimidation and many many more other crimes that teach them a bitter lesson.
      They can pretend to be cleaver , pretend to know everything but God almighty will reduce them to zero come 2021…
      Anyone who talks about their evil dealings, the breakdown of the rule of law becomes there bitter enemy…
      We have suddenly become refugees in our own country simply they want to be in power forever !!
      God of Abraham, our loving Heavenly father will fight this Beast on our helhaf.
      Viva mother Zambia

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    Pillow 3 weeks ago

    Hw did PF allow MMD to take over?
    This confirms PF is dead

    • comment-avatar

      Good question.
      Wrong answer. “The dead stay dumb” which isn’t the case with PF.

    • comment-avatar

      it was a deal/agreement between ngulu and bwenazi to take on board selected dmm and get rid of some fp founder members. remember this bwenazi helped ngulu a great deal financially and otherwise to win elections though dubiously. for bwenazi it was revenge to fp for having removed him from power. it was a bitter pill for him to swallow. he was chucked out at the time power was just getting sweet. ngulu had no option but to obey. imagine taking on roda who used to insult tasa day in out and worst of the enemy