MMD insists on pact with UPND

Southern Province Minister Elijah Muchima has reaffirmed the  ruling MMD call for a pact with opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Speaking when  he officiated at the Mwemba Area Development Association (MADA) day in Sinazongwe District in Kanchindu area, yesterday, Mr. Muchima said the ruling party’s doors was open for the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to enter into a pact..

Mr. Muchima advised the UPND leader to reconsider his party ‘s position in the pact with the Patriotic Front (PF) saying Mr. Hakainde’s should instead partner and work with the ruling party to bring development to all parts of the country.

The provincial minister insisted that there was no way Southern province could remain in opposition, since independence, instead of developing the nation.

He urged the gathering that Southern Province should change the way of doing politics to ensure that they join the rest of the country in embracing development instead of focusing on tribal politics.

“Hakainde should join MMD because the intention is good and develop our area.  Sata chased the Anderson  Mazoka from MMD and now today you want to join Sata who chased our loved man.”

“Politics should not divide us let us work as one. Let us support each other so that next time they will also support you,” Mr. Muchima said.

Mr. Muchima noted that thousands of jobs would be created once a thermal plant was set up at Maamba Collieries under the new owners the NAVA Bharate.

The provincial minister said government has spent K8 billion on rural electrification in Chief Sinazongwe area and the same would be done in senior Chief Mweemba area.

Mr Muchima noted that government would also work on Sikalamba bridge and Nangombe along the Sinazeze/Chiyabi bottom road.

Speaking at the same function,  Mwemba Area Development Association (MADA) day organizer Ngande Mwanajiti said Sinazongwe people should not continue to remain in opposition.

Mr.Mwanajiti said meaningful development could not be attained if people in Southern Province remain in opposition.

“Unless we take are rightful role in issue s of development. Exclusion is a social evil. It becomes impossible and unacceptable for any person and individual to argue that you continue doing wrong,” Mwanajiti said.

And MADA Chairperson Edson Sikalongo noted that government has brought a lot development activities in the district that people should appreciate.

Mr. Sikalongo pointed out that government has built a lot of Schools, health posts, and the development of a border post in Namafulo area which was long overdue.

He said the people in the area were ready to work with government in uplifting their living standards.


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