MMD invites UPND to “RB pact”

THE MMD says it is ready to partner with the UPND in support of President Banda’s candidature in next year’s elections.

And PF rebel MPs spokesperson Peter Machungwa says the party is losing ground in Luapula and Copperbelt provinces.

MMD national secretary Michael Mabenga yesterday called on people to join the ruling party, as it is the only party with membership throughout the country.
Mr Mabenga said in an interview that UPND members are welcome to rally behind President Banda in next year’s elections.

Mr Mabenga was commenting on UPND Namwala MP Robbie Chizyuka’s statement that the MMD is a natural ally of the UPND and that it would be wise for his party members to vote for President Banda in next year’s elections.

“If UPND members want to vote for the MMD, there is no problem, we want as many members as possible,” he said.

The PF-UPND pact has in the recent past experienced a crisis, the latest being reports that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and PF president Michael Sata have agreed to dissolve the pact and are seeking ways of informing their followers.

Meanwhile, Dr Machungwa said the PF is not as strong as it was in 2006 as it is losing popularity in its strongholds such as the Copperbelt and Luapula provinces.

On the issue of the pact crumbling, he said what he had said in the past has come to pass.
He said there is no way the pact can hold because it is not based on a common approach in relation to issues of economic and development activities.

He said Mr Hichilema and Mr Sata’s goal is to become republican President without harmonising their approach on how to develop the nation.
“The pact does not have a common manifesto or political agenda,” he said.

Dr Machungwa, who is Luapula MP, said it is not necessary for the two leaders to begin seeking ways of how to communicate the pact separation because the agreement was between the two of them.

“So let them just inform each other that they are going separate ways instead of claiming that they are trying to find ways of informing followers who were never involved in the first place,” he said.

And Kawambwa MP Elizabeth Chitika said the two leaders will not have any problem informing their followers because they were never involved in the agreement.

“They should just address each other and admit that they have failed.
“Why should the two leaders worry about informing the membership that was never consulted in the first place?” she asked.

Meanwhile, the National Initiative for Citizens’ Awareness (NICA) says majority of the people in Lusaka, Southern and Copperbelt provinces have lost confidence in the PF-UPND pact.

NICA president Kelvin Sampa said in a statement yesterday that this is according to a random survey conducted by his organisation in the provinces.
Mr Sampa said the people are now questioning the pact leaders’ credibility because of the uncertainty surrounding the alliance.

“The majority of the people stated that if these leaders had the heart and solutions better than the current Government, they would have proved to the nation their commitment towards national development,” Mr Sampa said.

He said the survey also revealed that the pact leaders’ selfish motives have been exposed ahead of next year’s general elections.
He said the people surveyed felt that they would have vested their trust into wrong hands.

“As an organisation that voices out on behalf of majority voiceless Zambians, we are convinced that this pact has been championed by few political individuals who have no vision and commitment towards the nation apart from themselves,” he said.

Mr Sampa said the pact leaders’ attitude only shows that the opposition has nothing to offer apart from desiring to loot what President Banda’s administration has achieved in the last two years.


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