MMD is taking over Southern Province, says Kunda

mmdVice President George Kunda has
said that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has invaded the
Southern Province and will soon consume the entire province.

Speaking during a political rally at Babizhi basic school to drum up
support for MMD candidate Bettis Mambonwa for the Lubanda ward by
election, Mr. Kunda said Southern Province will soon be MMD due to the
numerous developmental programs government is doing.

“MMD is furiously invading Southern Province and very soon whether the
UPND-PF Pact want it or not, we are consuming the whole province and
have a very strong membership here”

Mr. Kunda said that it was sad that opposition members of
parliament from Southern Province have been telling lies to their
electorate that they are the ones bringing development to the
province when it is government.

“We have been told that opposition MPs from Southern Province have
been boasting and telling people lies that they are bringing
development to this province. Actually they come to our offices
begging for help from us and when we help them they don’t tell our
people that it is government that is doing all these things” Mr. Kunda

He said that opposition MPs are incapable of bringing tangible development to
to any constituency without government.

“It is hard for any opposition MP to push for development in this
country, for this reason you should always vote for MMD in order to
bring development in this province.” He said.

The vice president was accompanied by Labour Minister Austin Liato,
Agriculture Minister Brian Chituwo, Energy Deputy Minister Gladys
Lundwe, Local Government Deputy Minister Dr Lwipa Puma, Southern
Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe and other senior party and
government officials.

Lubanda ward fell vacant after councilor Harry Namaluba was
incarcerated in May this year for being the master minder of the
unlawful assembly which aimed at dethroning chief Shimbizhi.

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