MMD maintains its rejection of electronic results

Letter To ECZ Over Electronic Transmission Of Election Results

September 09, 2014

Ms. Priscilla Isaacs
Director of Elections
Election House
Haille Selassie Avenue
P.O. Box 50274

Dear Director Elections,


I write to let you know that the MMD is still studying your proposal to introduce an electronic system of transmitting election results soon after manually counting the ballots. It, therefore, follows that the MMD strongly objects to using the system in any by-elections up to 2016.

The MMD delegation in the meeting held on Friday, August 29, 2014 and chaired by Hon. Justice Ireen Mambilima, indicated its reservations about the system vis-à-vis Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) which the Patriotic Front abused by engaging Kenyans who were smuggled into the country by Mr. Wynter Kabimba who was Secretary General of that political party. The PF still has the hacking gadgets and equipment which they want to use to abuse the electoral process to their fellow competitor’s disadvantage.

The expert who explained about the electronic system of transmission of the results in the meeting did not satisfy MMD that ECZ will have enough capacity to use the system prudently and fairly. The pilot scheme is therefore frivolous and unnecessary at this time.

This matter should be debated exhaustively with all stakeholders to ensure that it can be done at once and throughout the electoral process. Political parties cannot afford to lose just because an electoral system is being tested. There is no guaranteed indemnity for any such losses.

Our expert Consultants have advised that the electronic transmission system ideally works well when the ballot is also electronic. Anything otherwise will be fraudulent. The MMD is wary of a mixed system. ECZ will do well to consult Zambian people extensively before introducing a system that can lead to confusion and acrimony.

I look forward to your swift response over this crucial matter.

Yours in party service

Chembe Nyangu

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