MMD may just win Mansa – Kunda

Howard, son of later former Vice president George Kunda says opposition MMD may just surprise the ruling party Patriotic Front (PF) in Mansa by scooping the seat in the by-elections scheduled for November 22, 2013.

Howard Kunda who is also the MMD’s Member of Parliament for Muchinga Constituency and just returned from Mansa told Zambian Eye that the chances are bright for his party.

“It looks very good, Mansa used to be a no-go area it was a stronghold of PF but not anymore,” Kunda said. “We could actually win it the chances are 50, 50.”

Kunda who is the MMD Youth Chairman said the MMD is putting up a strong fight in Mansa to a strong signal that the party is getting back to government in 2016. He said from the meetings held in the constituency the MMD structures are intact and ready to deliver the seat in November 22.

He said the people had now realized that they were duped by PF in 2011 and would like to show their anger via the ballot box. He said the poverty levels are so high and instead of the country moving forward it is now on a reverse gear under the PF.

Kunda who has refused a position as Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President said the PF was not giving any hope to Zambians. He said the failures were evidently in all sectors of the economy.

“MMD left mealie meal at K30, K35 and two years under the more money in the pocket PF government the same bag is twice the price,” he charged. “What is there to boast that you are growing the economy when just mere food has become so expensive.”

The MMD National leader said Mkaika sent a strong message to the PF government adding that the whole country will follow. He said the PF will be history come 2016.

Kunda said MMD president Nevers Mumba is expected to have a number of campaign rallies this week in Mansa.

Five candidates are contesting the Mansa seat, these are Malama Kapolyo of the MMD, Rosemary Mwiche of the UPND and Dr Chitalu Chilufya of PF.

Others are Charles Mwelwa (UNIP) and Albert Mwape of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD).

The seat became vacant after the death of area MP Kennedy Sakeni died.

It is the first by-election being held in a constituency where the PF was strong in 2011 polls.

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