MMD members divided between joining PF or opposition UPND

MMD members divided between joining PF or opposition UPND

Some opposition MMD senior members have decided to slowly be swallowed up by the ruling PF government in order for them to get government appointments.

But the move has divided the former ruling party members with others opting to maintain their principles by joining the opposition UPND instead.

Sources have said that a number of former ruling party officials are having difficulties adapting to life in opposition where they no longer enjoy a lot of financial and material benefits that go with being in government.

According to sources in MMD, some people are ready to swallow their pride for government positions, especially that President Michael Sata has openly indicated that he is willing to sacrifice PF members in order to boaster his position in parliament and government.

The president has at times said his PF has no capacity and experience to run government and wanted to get some ‘experienced’ people from the opposition to join his government.

So far, a number of MMD MPs are serving in Sata’s government and have dared their party to expel them if they wish, since they will automatically be adopted by the PF to defend their seats.

According to a source, the MMD loss in Mufumbwe has worsened the situation in the former ruling party, creating room for wider disobedience by some selfish politicians who cannot survive outside government financial benefits.

Others within the MMD are however of the view that they can never compromise their principles and would rather join hands with fellow opposition UPND in offering checks and balances.

The source said it was now clear that MMD members only have two options of either joining the opposition UPND or follow financial benefits by joining the ruling PF as they do not see any hope in the former ruling party retaining power after UNIP’s experience.

In a rather softened tone of language, MMD Vice President for administration Brian Chituwo told QFM News in an exclusive interview that MMD is aware that the current constitution has a provision which allows the President to appoint any of the members of parliament to ministerial positions irrespective of their political affiliation.

Mr. Chituwo said the MMD has decided to uphold the republican constitution and allow its members of parliament to serve in the Patriotic Front government.

Dr. Chituwo has however challenged the MMD parliamentarians currently holding ministerial position in the PF government to explain where their allegiance lies.

He adds that MMD as a party has its own principles and constitution by which all its members are governed and are expected to abide by.

Dr. Chituwo has noted that the MMD will however not hesitate to take disciplinary action against any of its parliamentarians serving in the PF government who goes against the party rules and regulations.

The ruling PF in league with the Post newspaper, has constantly portrayed MMD leaders and members as a bunch of corrupt politicians who looted the nation’s wealthy.

Several MMD leaders are currently facing investigations while others are in courts of law for theft and corrupt practices.

Others have decided to quickly join the ruling PF in order to avoid investigations and have their cases ignored.


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