MMD MP happy MMD has taken over PF

While genuine PF members who have been sidelined by Edgar Lungu and Rupiah Banda are complaining bitterly, MMD’ s Howard Kunda says these are just being petty. Howard, a disgrace to his late father George Kunda, says there is an inseparable bond between the PF and the MMD.

 Kunda, the MMD deputy national secretary, stated that the partnership between the two parties was progressive and wondered why a section of people were castigating it.

“I have been following the escalating debates that are going on in our great nation with particular reference to the working relations between the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy [MMD] and the Patriotic Front [PF] and I want to add my voice,” Kunda stated.

“I think the people of Zambia are now enlightened to the fact that there is an inseparable bond between the PF and the MMD, the more reason the late president Michael Chilufya Sata, may his soul rest in peace, deemed it fit to also appoint ministers and key government officials from the MMD and we have been sharing mutual working relations since then. I therefore wish to strongly state here that it is very petty that there are people that are talking ill of the party bilateral working relations. It is also on record that the founding father of the PF was a long term serving member of the MMD and subsequently the national secretary before proceeding to form the ruling party PF. This is to simply say, there has not been much of the diversity in the ideologies of the two parties.”

Tricky little fool. Does he know why Sata left MMD? And why did Sata call Howard’s father ‘red lips’ when he was sick if they had a good working relationship.
He stated that good governance was a collective conscience of diverse minds capable of delivering.

“It is very saddening that instead of people focusing on the bigger picture of how progressive the partnership is achieving, they are instead busy looking at their own selfish, trivial benefits and gains,” Kunda stated.

“It’s literally clear that those that are against the appointment of MMD leadership into government don’t care much about the development of the nation but instead, for themselves. Good governance is a collective conscience of diverse minds that are capable of delivering and that’s what we as MMD are bringing on board and the more reason President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is embracing it.”

He stated that his party’s partnership with the PF had blossomed from the 2015 presidential election to delivering the amended Constitution to the Zambian people.

“Our association with the PF has been gradually progressive and promoting from the 2015 presidential election, to delivering the new amended Constitution to the Zambian people and also returning the 2016 general election presidency,” stated Kunda.

“This has shown how we have been consistently offering our support to PF which our leadership sacrificed a lot for to achieve and then today a group of individuals should question the appointment of our leadership. This is only showing how desperate people are getting for the sake of acquiring positions to achieve their own individual motives. Let us focus on the quality and effectiveness of leadership. The time for politicking has ended. This time around, our focus should be on embracing unity for the bigger benefit of the Zambian people.”

We know Howard wi soon be given a job by Rupiah Banda in the MMD run PF regime but why not just accept the job and eat quietly instead of insulting genuine PF members ?

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