MMD Mpika losing candidate in 2011 opts for greener pastures in PF

MMD Mpika losing candidate in 2011 opts for greener pastures in PF

iI have been a member for the movement of multiparty democracy (MMD) since 1995 to-date.i must say i have been a very faithful and obedient member. While in the mmd, I have saved at branch, constituency, District, and at Province committees. I was a councilor for two conservative terms(1998-2006) and served as chairman at all committees of the council including that of council chairman at Mpika District council.i also served at province as mmd Provincial Youth Chairman from 2003 to 2011 when I was elected to main body as Provincial vice Secretary.

The reasons for my resignation are:

  1. I don’t see any future in the mmd because the true blues who really understood the mission and vision of the party i.e. katele kalumba and many others who where founder members are no longer in the leadership of Current NEC.
  2. Some who are in NEC seems not know what they’re doing and lack new ideas how to revamp the party and too selfish to leave leadership to the new generation.
  3. Since the loss of elections, no communication have been to the grassroot,hence members don’t know what’s the way forward and now lost
  4. I have been in consultation with the family many months ago and all of them seem not for the idea of me to continue to be mmd especially that the current president is my uncle. Because of my inclination to the mmd, there is a lot of division within my family members.
  5.  I’m still a young person and need to associate with people with new ideas and indeed to support that which people want at a particular time.
  6. The loss of elections in mmd strongholds like Nakonde, Isoka and Mpulungu makes it difficult to organize the party because it has created a spillover effect to other Districts.
  7. Rumor mongering, gossip, lack of respect and backbiting especially at District level to some certain members is one of the reason also for resignation.

However, i thank the mmd for having exposed me to contest at parliamentary level for two times 2006 and 2011 general elections respectively, though I wasn’t successful.

However today despite the many good things I have said about the mmd, it’s time to depart company.

By copy of this press statement the National secretary should take this as official notification.unfortunately, i don’t have any party property; hence I have nothing to handover. The only property I had was a Campaign Vehicle Vannet Registration (Toyota Hilux Virgo) No ALB 6814, chassis No MROCS12G400096899,engine No 2KD5239686 which was given to me (as candidate) during 2011 general elections which I officially handed over to Mpika police Criminal investigation department last year in October(2011) of which the National Secretary is aware about it. Been no issues with the mmd, i therefore, with immediate effect joined the Patriotic Front (PF) because their some good things I’m seeing especially the fight against corruption, respect for women which can be seen in most decision making positions.i also edge all my supporters in both northern and Muchinga Provinces who believe in me and my principles to join me in the boat. The time is now; let’s support the government of the day to enhance development in our country.

Danny Chisanga, former mmd Provincial vice Secretary

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