MMD MPs refuse to follow Mumba to PF

AGGRIEVED MMD members of parliament, led by Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa and Felix Mutati, have resolved to take party leader Nevers Mumba to court if he refuses to yield to their demands for a convention before the end of April.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that only about 4 MMD MPs NOT serving in the PF regime, such as Mwansa Mbulukulima and
Lumezi MP Isaac Banda are willing to accompany fallen preacher Nevers Mumba to PF.

There are 27 MMD MPs who are not serving in PF.

And Ikelengi MMD member of parliament Elijah Muchima warned that his team would not allow Mumba to stubbornly abrogate the party constitution for his personal benefit.

On Tuesday, Winnie Zaloumis, the MMD deputy national secretary, branded calls for a convention as being dishonest and that such demands were being championed by disgruntled former members who were expelled and had defected to other parties or resigned.

“Our current president Nevers Sekwila Mumba is the product of a full-fledged convention in 2012 that had more than a thousand delegates and comes with a constitutional mandate of five years that expires in 2017,” argued Zaloumis.

But in a statement issued on behalf of the aggrieved members of parliament, Prof Lungwangwa accused Mumba of having deliberately destroyed intra-party democracy within the MMD in his four-year rule.

“The climax of unconstitutional management of the MMD is evident from the decisions taken at the just-ended National Executive Committee meeting of January 30, 2016,” Prof Lungwangwa stated following a failed press conference of Wednesday at the Parliament Media Centre, where his iPad failed to switch on.

He said the MMD NEC meeting’s resolution not to have any party convention this year when the last one was held in 2011 was not only unfortunate but totally undemocratic and unconstitutional.

“The party constitution is very clear; it is expected that the party convention shall be held every five years because the last MMD convention was in April 2011. It is expected therefore, that a party convention should be held on or before April 2016,” stated Prof Lungwangwa.

“This decision and many others taken in that meeting are, in our view, testimonies of the unconstitutionality in the management of the MMD. There has been a deliberate process of ousting long-serving senior members of the party. Most of these actions arose out of differences of opinion between the current leadership and the individuals concerned. This has been a reflection of intolerance of opinions on the part of the current president [Nevers Mumba], which the party constitution does not condone.”

And Muchima warned that his team would not sit and watch Mumba abrogate the party constitution for personal gain.

“We shall take legal action against Mumba if he does not yield to our demands because we are now protected by the amended Republican Constitution and even our party constitution, which he [Mumba] has abrogated. There is no way that Mumba will not oblige; he will be ordered through the process of the court. He has no right to defer the convention to 2017; that’s why we want the court process to take charge,” said Muchima.W

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