MMD re-adopts Peter Daka for Msanzala and gets UPND backing

The political race in Msanzala parliamentary by-election has started gaining momentum with two political parties announcing adopted candidates.

The patriotic front has re-adopted Joseph Lungu who caused the bye-election by resigning and joining the PF after winning the seat as an independent candidate in the September 20 general elections.

And the MMD has settled for loosing parliamentary candidate in the September elections Peter Daka.

MMD chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambwe said the former ruling party feels Mr. DAKA is a credible candidate who will not have difficulties in scooping the seat.

The United Party for National Development will rally behind MMD candidate Peter Daka.

The electoral commission of Zambia has set Thursday January 19 as the date for nominations.

Meanwhile United Nation Independence Party will announce the adopted candidate soon.

UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda said five candidates who are jostling to stand on the UNIP ticket will be subjected to primary elections first.

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