MMD reveals that Mangani was in charge of violence in Mufumbwe

MMD reveals that Mangani was in charge of violence in Mufumbwe

Casuaties from the Mufumbwe violence

The ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has revealed that former minister of works and supply Lameck Mangani was the cause of the Mufumbwe violence.

Addressing women and youths at the Chipata Municipal Council Saturday afternoon, MMD Eastern province chairperson Kennedy Zulu, said the MMD was luck that the person who fuelled the Mufumbwe violence has finally left the party to join other violent thugs.

During the Mufumbwe bye-eletcion violence, Mangani was the minister of home affairs.

The meeting which was attended by Austin Liato who is minister of Labour and social service with his counterparty deputy minister n the ministry of Information and Broadcasting Angela Chifire was mean’t to react to the Patriotic Front public rally conducted by PF leader

Michael Sata.

“Let me tell you one thing, Mangani is a betrayer, he has betrayed his own people just like the way Jesus was betrayed by the people he loved most. President Banda put Mangani were he is today but the man has left us, we are not saddened by his move.

We are happy because this is the same Mangani who fuelled the violence in Mufumbwe, he gave orders to beat other people and now that he has defected to the PF, we are luck he has taken the violence there and that is the reason why we should not allow the PF to come near power,” Zulu said while Chifire and Liato were nodding their heads.

And Liato who has been sent to Eastern province by President Rupiah Banda to assess the effect of Mangani’s defection expressed happiness at the level of commitment by members.

“Let’s support President Banda, he is a good man he deserves another term of office, it is sad that Mangani has betrayed President Banda and the people of Eastern province who voted for him on the MMD ticket,” said Liato.

And ‘enterprising’ youths of Chipata are cashing in on the political situation this weekend. The youths are attending both events and collecting money from both the MMD and PF camps.

Some youths and women who were duped to collect money after attending the MMD meeting at the council felt betrayed when they were told to come later in the day.

“We are going back to Mangani, these people think they can just lie to us like that, we shall not allow them. In fact we just came to see how much money they will be giving us,” said the youths on their bicycles.


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