MMD says PF Pours Millions Into Lubansenshi To Induce Voter Apathy

As Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), we wish to alert our fellow Zambians on the immoral corrupt electioneering practices currently going on during the by-election campaigns in Solwezi West and Lubansenshi Constituencies where we have observed with concern very disturbing things in the Patriotic Front (PF) campaigns. This is of course nothing new as this has been the modus operandi of the PF the last 4 years.

We are aware that the PF has sent a team to Lubansenshi with brand new unbranded vehicles carrying with them millions of Kwacha which they are using to pay voters K25 each to hand in their Voters cards and therefore not vote. This diabolical scheme has been targeted at all opposition parties in order to artificially induce voter apathy in the upcoming two by-elections. Democracy demands that the citizens should have a choice to vote for the candidates of their choice and these schemes by the PF are not only immoral and illegal, but a serious injury to the democracy of this country. We wonder how much of the money they are carrying has been siphoned out of our taxes at a time when the country is faced with serious economic challenges.

The PF keep boasting that they are popular with their so-called “” strategy but yet they see it fit to bribe people to not vote so that their own few dwindling supporters become significant numbers when voter apathy sets it. Average voter turnout in by-elections since 2011 has been less than 30%, compared to 44% in the five years 2006-2011. This shows how desperate the PF is to win at any cost even if it damages our democracy.

However, as the Bible says, no weapon fashioned against us will prosper. No matter how much the PF try to manipulate elections, their evil schemes will fail and the opposition shall carry the day in the 2 by-elections. The PF will not manage to manipulate the Zambians forever and 2016 shall be worse for them because we shall defeat them soundly in a landslide victory.

The current sad state of affairs is harming our democracy and is part of the overall strategy of the PF to introduce a defacto one party state in which they shall have free reign to do as they please without being accountable to Zambians. We wish to remind the PF that the mighty UNIP government was defeated in 1991 and the PF shall suffer a similar fate because the Zambian people refuse to be taken for granted.

We wish to let Zambians know that the time for immoral corrupt leadership is now up. We appeal to all Zambians to be part of the solution by rejecting the PF schemes and preserve our hard fought democracy. It is time for a generation of moral leaders of integrity to arise and take back our nation from the corrupt incompetent PF government who have failed to manage the economy properly or avert the crisis currently facing this nation. We call upon the opposition political parties to be vigilant and not allow the PF to succeed with their criminal agenda.

Mwansa Mbulakulima
MMD National Secretary

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