MMD shocked that ‘UNIP days’ queues for food are back

MMD Copperbelt Province Information and Publicity Secretary Yotham Mutayachalo says it’s sad that long queues for people buying essential commodities like the staple mealie-meal have returned.

Mutayachalo said the MMD eradicated such long-winding queues as the party made sure there was food in the shops accross the country.

Commenting of the continued food shortages on the Copperblet, Mutayachalo said long queues were common in the UNIP government where people were made to struggle in few leading shops to fetch for essential commodities of life.

Mr Mutayachalo also boasted that the MMD produced bumper harvests in its 20 -year rule.
The MMD Copperbelt Publicity Secretary also paid special tribute to former president Rupiah Banda who he said managed to produce two bumper harvests that saw no meali-meal shortages.
Mr Mutayachalo told Journalists at a press briefing in Lusaka on Friday that the ruling Patriotic Front should not blame the millers but solve the problem of the meali-meal shortages that has hit some towns on the Copperbelt province and Kasama in the Northern Province.
Mr Mutayachalo has advised President Michael Sata to give direction to the country and desist from concentrating on ‘poaching’ MMD Members of Parliament currently serving as Deputy Ministers in his government.

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