MMD should be booted out-Mumba

New Revolution Party (NRP) has observed that the ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) must see its exit during this year tripartite elections.
Party president  Cosmo Mumba said that there is no track record that Zambians can refer to that the government has added value to the livelihood of Zambians.
Mumba explained that people have lost confidence in the current regime hence keeping it in power may prove risk for the development of the nation.
He was speaking against the backdrop of the shunned African Freedom Day which falls on 25 May.
Mumba observed that the opposition political parties must endevour and exercise the spirit of unit if they are to remove MMD from power.
The African Freedom day celebrations which was graced by the republican president, Rupiah Banda was saw no attendance by the major opposition political parties.
According to Mumba, the opposition had no reason to attend the celebration when there was no developmental harmony between the people and the ruling party.

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