MMD should expel rebel MPs immediatelly

It is very easy to understand why the PF is panicking on the announcement that MMD wants to expel the ‘corrupt’ MPs serving in their regime.

The PF just lost two bye-elections in Livingstone and Muchinga despite cheating that they are very popular. The ruling party only won in Chama using fraud, lying and bribery.

Just the idea of facing another humiliating defeat at the hands of the opposition is therefore nauseating to the regime. Looking at the 10 months of PF in power, one can clearly see that on a clean election, the PF cannot win any bye-election.

Things are falling everywhere. The PF has not fulfilled any election campaign promise.  People are complaining everywhere, except for those who are directly benefiting from the regime.

Without fuel in the country, people dying while fighting to get casual jobs in Nakonde, youths rioting against corruption/ nepotism during recruitment of soldiers; violent crime rising and other failures, can the ruling party expect to win a bye-election?

If they ever thought so, the rejection in the last bye-lections jerked them to reality. It is therefore understandable that the PF regime does not want to face another reminder of their loss of popularity.

That is why they have summoned all sorts of demons to harass and intimidate MMD leader Nevers Mumba to make sure he backs down.

They are even trying to use former president Rupiah Banda by saying he blessed the appointments. It’s amazing what people can do to protect their earnings.

How can the PF rely on RB, the man they blame for everything bad in Zambia? Even if, in the unlikely event that RB ‘blessed’ the appointment of the rebel MPs, he is not the MMD president anymore.

Just in case some people missed the news, the MMD president now is Nevers Sikwela Mumba.

Just like Edwin Lifwekelo was Secretary General for PF, the current SG for PF is Wynter Kabimba. That is the one PF cadre listen to; not Lifwekelo.

If Nevers Mumba accepted to serve under Levy Mwanawasa and left his part NCC, that is fine. He was the president and founder of that party and had the authority to change the direction of the NCC. MPs do not make policies for the party; they implement them as directed by the party executive and president.

But we have no doubt that RB never blessed those rebels to go and serve in the PF regime. RB is an honourable man and if he ever said yes to the appointments, he just did that to stop them bothering him. RB can never side with bad people. But we shall wait for his comments on this one.

It’s very common for a good father to let stubborn children have their own way just to learn a lesson.

We urge the MMD leadership to expel the rebels immediately. They were given 10 days and we are counting. If Nvers Mumba backs down on this one; then his strength would have tested. Everyone will now do as they please knowing that the party is weak.

Why would someone want to be in the opposition and in government?  People should learn to have manners.

One idiot calling himself honourable was even saying that the people who voted for him are happy for him to serve in the PF regime.  Obviously the goon does not know that the PF also put a candidate which the voters rejected.

And if the voters are happy with him, why can’t he resign and seek fresh mandate on his new party so that we see if the voters are happy?

It’s nonsensical and hypocrisy of the highest order for the PF to claim that nine bye-elections will lead to loss of money.  If the PF knows this, why have they petitioned more than 50 MPs from the opposition? Don’t they know that if nullified, there will be bye-lections and money wasted?

And by the way, no money will be lost if there are bye-elections. These bye-elections will be held in Zambia and the money will circulate within. If anything, bye-elections are good for Zambia. That is the only time local people get to have some form of developments in their constituencies.

It’s the only time that fat cats go to meet the people. It’s the only time that graders and relief food is mobilised.

Even stingy people like Hakainde Hichilema also release some change from their billions during bye-elections.

Nevers Mumba and his colleagues in MMD need to act now and act decisively.

You can’t have people undermining the authority of the party in such an insolate way. Can these people sit in an MMD executive or strategic meeting and contribute honestly to the wellbeing of the party? No they can’t. Instead they will be sending text messages to Wynter Kabimba on what the MMD president is saying.

Geroge W. Bush once said, ‘if you are not with us; you are with them.

The genuine members of MMD should not for once listen to the lies and propaganda by the PF and its agents and newspapers.

They should stick to their plans and do what they think well.

In this case, we fully endorse the move to expel those eating with both hands. We also agree with Nevers Mumba that it is better to have a few committed members than a mob of traitors in your camp.

The PF is afraid. The PF does not want to go to the polls and lose a bye-election like last month. That kind of loss really hurts their egos and illusion that they are as popular as in September 2011.

The PF cannot win a bye-election in Chilanga, Mufumbwe, Feira etc… They cannot and they know it. That is why they will do anything to prevent that test.

How can the PF win elections when by now even those who gave them a benefit of doubt have seem how useless they are.

Can you win elections when you are planning to force our children into concentration camps you call National Service skills?

How can youths vote for a party which wants to implement such redundant ideas of the 1960s in this information age?

But for the MMD, their job is not to help PF remain in power. Their job is to get back in power. They cannot therefore afford to provide human resource to a party which has no plans.

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