MMD should just wind up

Just a week ago we reported that there is a plot hatched at State house to destabilise the MMD and that Fred M’membe spearheads the plot. We asserted that very soon there would be calls to replace Nevers Mumba.
We further said Mumba would be replaced by one former MP from Northwestern.
Within a week, half the things we reported have come to pass.
Now, what we think is that the MMD is a ‘dead’ party and the best those who are still in that mortuary can do is appoint a liquidator.
Harassing Dr Mumba or accusing him of all sorts of things will not endear MMD to voters. Dr Mumba is not the problem. The Problem is Sata and M’emmbe.
If people can’t see that, then the problem is real big.
M’membe is just too happy to provide a platform for the MMD to fight. He knows his partner Sata is the beneficiary of a weak opposition.
So, after they remove Dr Mumba, whom will they replace him with, Lucky Mulusa? Jesus of Nazareth!
Or is it that weak Soldier Brian Chituwo, who is not even audible when he speaks? Can that one even speak on a public rally? And is not the same Chituwo who is always on the phone with his former workmate Sata’s current wife Kaseba? This is the person you will trust to run an opposition party, in an environment like Zambia? In fact we know that Chituwo has been a mole for PF for PF for a long time. We know he should have resigned to join PF al long time ago but he knows that Mumba will not defect with him.
As for Michael Kaingu, is he even normal in the first place?
We are surprised that even Dora Siliya, whom we had some respect for up to today could join that group of jokers.
It is good that those people in the ‘late’ MMD admit that there are problems. But they do not want to admit the extent of the problems and the source.
The squabbles in the MMD are good for PF. First it provides a diversion from real issue in the country. The people will be fed with MMD wrangles and fail to see how the PF is ruining the country down. The PF media will make sure that this fight is what people will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Our prediction is that the MMD will come out of this even weaker; with people calling themselves presidents but without any following. We shall see.
We also find it appalling and horrifying that people who call themselves leaders could come together to exclude one tribe from leadership.
It is true that there are people like Sata who see and use tribe as a tool. Sata is a tribalist who believes in Tribalism.
But it would be foolish for anyone to blame a given tribe for the country’s woes. What kind of MMD do these corrupt elements want to build where leadership will be selected on tribe?
For us, we are unable to see what wrong Dr Mumba has done and we do not see how any of these agitators can multiply the fortunes of MMD. When the MMD crushed in 2011, Dr Mumba was a mere ambassador far away in Canada, but the zombies who are today accusing him of destroying the party are the ones who misled Rupiah Banda. These are the same fools who advised RB against uniting with Hakainde Hichilema because they feared for their positions. They told RB that he can win on his own. today they want to look like angels of light.
As far as we are concerned, this move by the MMD is spearheaded by M’membe and funded by State House. It is amazing that even those who are in court, like Siliya, because of M’membe’s machinations can’t see what is going.
We wonder what Rupiah Banda thinks now that M’emembe has taken over MMD? Or he too can’t see?
The truth is that this group will depend on M’membe for whatever they do.
But the good thing is that MMD will only remain in the media. The people on the ground believe that MMD was buried in 2011.
We have seen this kind of fights before in UNIP. At least UNIP had some assets to live for and share.
Can someone tell us one country in Africa where a former ruling party rose from the ashes to form government again?
The fact that PF is horrible and most people regret voting for Sata does not necessary mean that people want MMD back.

As for Dr Mumba, our advise will be that, leave these fools while you still have dignity. Clearly the MMD is too unclean for you. You have refused to cut dirty deals and that is not the way things are done in MMD.

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