MMD soul wrapped in PF skin

MMD soul wrapped in PF skin

The MMD Soul Wrapped In A PF Skin

It is vivid that the Patriotic Front party is divided. The party is divided into two major groups. There is a group led by Edgar Lungu but comprising of foreigners in PF who came from MMD after Sata died and another group which is led by the ideals of the party calling themselves True Greens.

The True Greens are more concerned with how the party has gravitated and reneged from its fundamental intent which placed the interests of the people at heart. The Edgar led group of foreigners in PF from MMD is more concerned with enriching themselves through corruption and through formulating and implementing policies that work in their favour, to earn more million kwachas.

The foreigners in PF have more power on their hands than the True Greens in the party that is why, the likes of Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba as well as many other unsung heroes in the party have either been expelled or left on their own accord.

Today, those who support the True Greens and seek to uphold the fundamental values and initial aspirations of the party have found solace in the language that Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) has been using, to invoke the emotions of the those original owners of PF.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Kelvin is talking a language that is seen as affront on the leadership of Edgar, in the party and government, however that, he sounds genuine and rational.

Currently, there are 29 cabinet Ministers of which 10 of them are all former MMD members. Additionally, there are 10 provincial ministers of which 3 of them are former MMD members while one is former member of the MMD. Further, the government at the Permanent Secretary level is packed with characters who became beneficiaries of Sata’s death, but are pure MMD members.

When you go into the party itself, at the secretariat and in party structures across the country – a huge number of foreign elements are now holding positions above the original members of the party.

The Central Committee, which is the highest organ in the PF and enjoys significant powers to tilt the Constitution and dictate the direction of the party at any given point is comprised of appointed members, by Edgar, of which a good number of them are foreigners in PF and are from MMD.

The majority ordinary members of PF are original members of the governing party, albeit among them are foreigners from MMD, who wield more power over the little components within the PF.

Clearly, the ruling party is now the MMD soul wrapped in a PF skin. It is thus unsurprising that the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) which is a total creation of the governing party is proposing the re-introduction of the deputy minister positions among other notorious things they want to incorporate in the Constitution of Zambia– all policies which are a direct and dangerously serious affronts on the fundamental ideals which PF was founded on by their late leader Michael Sata.

Michael wanted Zambia to be developed and his initial plan was to lay robust infrastructure development thereafter embark on industrialization for sustainable job creation. But in the mid-morning of the infrastructure development agenda, Michael died and vultures from MMD such as Bowman Lusambo, who called the later PF founder a mad man who smokes marijuana, appeared to hijack the party.

Midway, the infrastructure development agenda was laced with corruption which Zambia witnessed during the MMD era. Figures of major projects have been inflated, where the excess monies find their ways into the pockets of government and party officials. Even those PF members who never knew theft of public funds and corruption are have now learnt from the best, foreigners from MMD.
Edgar himself knows that if he surrounded himself with original members of PF, he would not steal at the rate he is. It is this that, Edgar could not work with the likes of Chishimba , the likes of Kalaba and many other seemingly principled people like Kelvin Bwalya Fube. For Edgar to steal in peace, he needs thieves to help him and these thieves are elements like Bowman and many other foreigners from MMD. They are the ones who are experts at stealing.

Perhaps, all the infamous policies they want to implement through their NDF is influenced by foreigners in PF from MMD. The majority of the deputy ministers will be PF members while the majority of cabinet ministers will be PF. This is how Edgar intends to soothe the divisions that have since rocked the party PF. Edgar has realized that soon or later, the dissenting voices in the party will grow stronger and he may not enjoys his position. To attempt to silence these voices such as KBF’s, they will create jobs such as the deputy ministers positions, which they want to award to the back bencher PF members of parliament in a bid to avoid them joining the revolution that Kelvin has started.

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