MMD spent K5 billion on Kabwe convention

The ruling party MMD spent in excess of K5 billion at the just ended convention where most party officials went unopposed.

Mining companies like Lumwana, KCM, Mopani ‘donated’ huge sums of money to the ruling party. The interest of the mines is to be in good books with the ruling party and make sure government does not reintroduce windfall tax despite the massive profits the mines are currently raking in. Most of the profits from mining activities in Zambia are currently externalized and benefit other countries.

The other money spent at the convention, say insiders, came from China. When Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu  visited Zambia in January 2011, his main purpose was to deliver campaign money to the MMD.

He is said to have left a sack of hard currency to president Rupiah Banda at state house. State house sources say the money was delivered in cash to avoid international bank transfer scrutiny. But this money has since being laundered into the Zambian banking system.

At the convention, the party spent more than five billion Zambian Kwacha feting 1500 cadres, observers and international guests.

The party imported quality jeans and fitenges made of Danish Wax and other material from Congo. Cadres were treated to golf T-shirts while posters and banners were made of the most expensive material.

The party also imported high quality and expensive mobile sound and Public Address system, the type never seen in Zambia before.

During the Fredrick Chiluba and Levy Mwanwasa regimes, the MMD women cadres cooked food for delegates the way it is done at Zambian funerals.

But this time, the MMD hired hotels to provide outside catering services. Different hotels were brought in to offer different menus.

Senior party officials, invited guest and others who are important in the eyes of the MMD were accommodated in marquees, large tents installed outdoors for temporary functions.


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