MMD stands by Hot Fm radio


MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has sent a solidarity message to Hot FM Radio station over threats from the PF’s Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). In his message, Dr. Mumba wondered why the Patriotic Front government should be asking for apologies from HOT FM radio station when the same station offered its outside broadcasting services in 2011 to President Michael Sata when he was in opposition.

Dr Mumba said the attempt by IBA in attempting to force HOT FM Radio to apologize for an offence they never committed leaves much to be desired.

He said It takes little imagination
to conclude that they were acting on
instructions from the ruling Patriotic Front Government which still insists on practicing Stone Age politics of intimidation and vindictiveness, instead of focusing on delivering
the promises they made to Zambians prior to being elected.

‘This is particularly surprising when, just prior to the 2011 elections, the then
PF Presidential candidate Mr. Michael Sata criss-crossed the country unhindered by the MMD Government on political campaigns. Ironically, he was carried live on the same HOT
FM while on the campaign trail all over the country using their outside broadcasting system’ Dr Mumba said.

He said whilst on one hand they proclaim to believe in press freedom, the PF constantly contradict themselves with actions such as the one the IBA carried out.

‘They believe they can
hoodwink Zambians with false meaningless statements but do not realize that our citizens are too smart to be fooled. The assault on press freedom continues unabated and has
made Zambia to be a laughing stock of the international community,’ he said.

‘We as the MMD back in Government, boldly proclaim that this kind of Stone Age politics shall be a thing of the past. Never shall a media house under our watch suffer the indignity of being harassed by a failed government with no iota of integrity.

‘We stand with HOT FM and encourage them to never bow down to intimidation but continue being a voice for the voiceless and a beacon of truth.’

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