MMD takes over PF in Matero as MMD bigwigs fight for adoption

MMD takes over PF in  Matero as MMD bigwigs fight for adoption



The race for the adoption of a PF candidate for the Matero constituency has now been narrowly down to two MMD bigwigs as all genuine PF members have been systematically eradicated – like poverty

The race is now between former president Rupiah Banda’ spokesperson Dickson Jere and former MMD National Treasurer under Rupiah Banda Goodward Mulubwa.

Outgoing president Edgar though is still trying to push former area MMD MP Faustina Sinyangwe.

People on the ground say there is no real PF now as the ruling party has now been cloned into MMD as can be seen from the candidates. The people of Matero overwhelmingly rejected the MMD in 2011 but now the corrupt and violent party has returned putting on PF clothes. It’s like the same uncles who bewitched your father now come to grab property and there is nothing you can do since the administrator (a drunkard) is on the side of the property grabbers.

Goodward Mulubwa is the owner of Chat breweries and Chat milling and lost the parliamentary election in Roan in 2011. Just after the MMD lost, Mulubwa defected to PF.

Mulubwa has a string of scandals and owes various banks and companies huge sums of money through his brewery, milling and trucking companies.

He was recently arrested for money laundering involving K2 billion but was set free after the state entered a nolle prosequi (no prosecution) which does not mean the person is innocent but the state has just decided to stop the case. This could be for various reasons but in Zambia its mostly because someone has received a fat cheque.

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