MMD threatening villagers in Kawambwa,says FODEP

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) members are allegedly threatening the electorate in Kawambwa District that they will use computers to know who they will vote for in the forthcoming general elections.

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi told QFM that his organization has received reports of political leaders of the MMD trying to take advantage of voters in the district just to get votes.

Chipenzi states that FODEP facilitators in the field have reported that members of the MMD are intimidating electorates in the rural areas; an act he says has left many voters scared.

He says his organization is yet to send more of its facilitators to other rural parts in the country to assess the raised concerns.

Chipenzi has since appealed to voters in Kawambwa and the nation at large to ignore such statements and instead turn up in numbers on the 20th of September, 2011 and vote for their preferred candidates.

The FODEP executive director has also reminded politicians that such desperate acts are punishable by law as they are a total disregard of the provisions of the electoral code of conduct.

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