MMD threatens to sort out Patrick Mwanawasa

MMD threatens to sort out Patrick Mwanawasa

The ruling party MMD has threatened to ´sort out´ late president Levy Mwanawasa´ son Patrick if he doesn’t stop what they call childish and unwarranted attacks of president Rupiah Banda.

MMD Lusaka district chairperson Samson Mkandawire told radio Phoenix that Patrick Mwanawasa will be sorted out if he continues insulting president Rupiah Banda.

Mkndawire said Patrick Mwanawasa has been verbally attacking president Banda without the latter responding.

On Friday, former vice president Enoch Kavindele said that it was a pity that Mwanawasa is calling elderly people monkeys.

He said the same people he is now calling monkeys are the one who campaigned for his father.

But Patrick Mwanawasa says Kavindele can´t advise him because he is blinded by contracts which he has been given by president Banda.

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