MMD thugs beat Times, Post reporters

MMD thugs Wednesday afternoon clobbered two journalists who went to cover the arrival of president Rupiah Banda at the airport.

President Banda was coming from Uganda where he went for the SMART partnership dialogue.

The MMD thugs decided to inspect the journalists and asked them to produce press passes.

One Journalist from Times of Zambia delayed producing the press pass and received a punch in the abdomen before being pushed away. After producing the pass he was allowed to join other reporters.

Another journalist from the Post was physically dragged from the airport ground by MMD thugs.

Apparently the Post reporter had no press pass or refused to show it to the thugs and started arguing with them. He was forced into the Post car waiting outside and ordered to leave.

Later when president Banda arrived, he was briefed of the commotion and said something about his hatred for people who beat journalists.

MMD symbol of violence

MMD symbol of violence

President Banda said that journalist are only doing their job and should not be harassed in the course of their duty.

And president Banda has told former Finance minister Ngandu Magande to shut up.

Mr Banda said at the airport that Mr. Magande is not the right person to comment on the sale of ZAMTEL shares because he was in the forefront selling ZANACO shares to foreigners..

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