MMD thugs beat up Muvi TV reporters

More than 100 ruling MMD cadres Monday morning beat up a MUVI TV news crew and confiscated their equipment including mobile phones.

The cadres also attempted to rape the female journalists who were among the Muvi TV news crew.

The reporters had gone to Nakachenje area in Lusaka West to interview a woman who was attacked by the same MMD cadres a few days ago and grabbed her land.

Reporter Dainess Nyirenda and Cameraperson, Annita Kalwani, have suffered internal injuries after they were trampled upon by the cadres.

Driver, Edward Ntele also suffered a deep cut on his forehead and while another cameraperson, Emmanuel Kaluba had his lips cut in the fracas.

Other items confiscated by the MMD cadres include a camera tripod stand, a microphone, 4 mobile phones and undisclosed amounts of money.

However, other MUVI TV reporters, Paul Shalala, Brian Mwale and Bruce Mwale survived the beatings.

The matter was quickly reported to Matero police Station and officers were quickly mobilised to the incident scene.

MMD Lusaka Province vice Youth Chairman, Watson Mutonga has physically identified the MMD cadres involved in the attack.

This incident brings to 3 the number of harassments against MUVI TV reporters while on duty in the last one month.

Earlier this month, Patriotic Front cadres threatened reporters  Inutu Mwanza and Bruce Mwale while a week ago, Lusaka Division police Deputy commanding Officer, Jackson Simfukwe harassed reporter Paul Shalala.


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    When goons turn on reporters beating them senseless then you know a country has simply gone to the dogs. We know in Africa we have had bafoons, but many have never touched on reporters. They know they need the media. There is a saying that when climbing up, remember not to remove the ladder that got you there. You may have to fall off to get down some day. Wish the reporters a quick recovery, and do not black list the fools, people need to know what they are doing wrong so if you cow away they will have won in their sickening move.

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    Windhoek Observer 7 years

    these are all pf mafias………… waram

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    oxmos 7 years

    @wamulomo…get updated with all news in the country,the senior man of mmd vice youth chairman identified the carders,so dont just fart any how because you feel like,those were carders,infact mmd carders

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    These are the works and dirt political strategies of william Banda, Now you have a sheild, but wait one, its just a matter of minutes, remember, the wind of change is blowing, once a deportee always a deportee, soon you are getting back to malawi.

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    zambia is slowly being turned into a game zone where people have started hunting each other like lions hunt their prey. MMD cadres have turned themselves into Lions, thinking they own the game zone. we need to see the police act on this issue, unless they are as paralised as ZNBC.

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    WAMULOMO TM 7 years

    Ba MUVI TV instead of filming PF rallies in the EASTERN or UPND rallies in N/Western Province you and film farmers and zambian thugs sharing a farm land. What do you mean “CADRES”. Cadres can be any thing either political, criminal or economical or social cadres. Those were criminals not political cadres. Political cadres would have ran away immediately they saw a camera since they had no one to back them. Liwena is right.

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    Pragmatist 2011 7 years

    Ridgeway Liwena was a reputable journalist when he was working under Times of Zambia Original. I took to reading newspapers at a tender age. Times of Zambia was a newspaper which was most sought after. Ridgeway Liwena was a household name and his stories were good. ‘Kapelwa Musonda on Tuesday’ featured interesting episodes which made Times of Zambia more popular than Zambia Daily Mail. That was before the Weekly Post, the forerunner to today’s Post Newspaper came on the scene in 1990. It is surprising that Liwena as a senior journalist with rich journalistic background has chosen to be unrealistic to the fact that MMD cardres unleashed brutality on defenceless MUVI TV joirnalists. If Liwena is an MMD cadre himself, let him not interfere with justice by trying to absolve MMD party from blame. I thought Liwena would have been on the side of the masses like some of his contemporaries,such as Charles Kakoma who once headed Zambia Daily Mail, Mwansa Kapeya and Charles Banda who once worked for ZNBC. If Mr. Liwena is on the MMD pay roll, it is prudent to maintain a low profile in matters of violence against people which MMD is perpetuating. If Liwena is part of the propaganda system of MMD, it is most disappointing. I had high regards for him when he was at Times of Zambia original. Not today’s Times of Zambia which at best can be described as Times of MMD.

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    Pact 7 years

    Check out the video on muvi tv website!

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    chitente 7 years

    I wonder wheather ZNBC has not recieved any leads to this story yet. They are so mute about it. Does it mean all ZNBC reporters / cameras are out of Lusaka on MMD campaign trails? SHAME!

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    Observer from Terrace 7 years

    Sad reading…………….

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    kaku 7 years

    Its UPND and MMD who are violent whenever they meet.Look at the Mufumbwe and chilanga rallies?PF wasnt there when we saw bloodshed.we in PF had by-elections in eastern and Mpulungu without fights.UPND chased and beat up pipo during Major Chizyuka’s press briefing.Look at what happened in Mapatizya?was PF part of those deadly acts of violence?UPND/MMD are worse off in given full power.Wasnt it in 2006 elections when Mr Sata stopped further war after the disputed elections,he called for all PF/Zambian supporters to stop any acts of bloodshed?wake up from sleep ba UPND and stop day dreaming

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    2011 7 years


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    it is mmd now, the other day was pf. guys grow up and see light 4 yo future not yo present

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    dewenga 7 years

    This thuggery should be condemned in the strongest possible terms and police should ensure the culprits are brought to book. Jornalists should be protected before lives are lost. This is not politics any more but crime that this punishable under the Zambian laws.

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    Mr Things Change Says 7 years

    William Banda is from Malawi so he doesnt even care about Zambians he.He should know that things will change one day when RB leaves office.I hope he has a passport or NRC for identification.Tekere & Bwezani will dance pelete one day as Mpombo put it.

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    nambula 7 years

    this is what happens when you have an arrogant leadership in government such as rb, shikapwasha, kunda,dora siliya and william banda. these people when they look at thjemselves they think they are gods and can do any thing in any way they want including sending carders to attack innocent zambians. what hapened yestarsday to muvi tv reporters is an acceptable, zambia does not belong to rb and his mmd thugs alone but to all zambians and must not be allowed to destroy this beautiful country. timely warning to my beloved fellow zambians, the master minders of this violence is william banda and rb. these two individuals are known to have come from malawi, therefore they have nothing to lose if this country is plunged into war by their violent activities as they can easily run into malawi with their stollen fortuny from zambia. rb and his brother william banda together with the hijacked mmd are a danger to this country and can not be trusted with another 5 years of power. my appeal to my fellow zambians let us vote these blood thirst monsters out of power before they kill us all. let us put our tribal differences aside and do what is best for our beloved country zambia. it could be hh or sata, or any oneelse but not rb and the mmd. let us unite and do what is best for our beloved country zambia

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    Freegies 7 years

    we shall now judge Muvi TV after this, guys blacklist them for them to know that you you are important and cardinal for their re-election bid. Cause the Post is popular the had to blacklist the UPND and it’s leadership just to prove a point after they wanted to sort them at the party secretariety. It’s a pitty that this is hapening after lameck mangani is no more. Blacklist them if they don’t appologies and remain sturbon like wat UPND did to the post.