MMD to squeeze campaign money from CDF recipients in Monze

The ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) is soliciting for funds from business houses in Monze district for campaigns ahead of this year’s election.

Highly placed sources told the Watchdog that the decision to target local businessmen to fund the MMD for the 2011 election was reached at during a meeting between party officials and ministers Geoffrey Lungwangwa and Felix Mutati during their recent visit to the district.
Sources said it was agreed that local businessmen who benefit from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) should contribute in one way or the other by either purchasing fuel for the vehicle to be used or hard cash which will go towards the running of the campaign.
“Actually what happened when Prof Lungwangwa came here with Mutati is that some businessmen among them Moomba Enterprise, those Somalians at Kobil Filling station and others were met at Southern comfort Lodge to find out how best they will help the MMD and President Rupiah Banda during the 2011 election campaign and in return to continue benefiting from CDF and other government contracts like transportation, supply of building materials in both Schools and Hospitals,” the source told the Watchdog.
The source revealed that Southern province MMD chairperson Edgar Keembe imposed the resolution suggesting that all those attended the meeting must contribute something, specifically fuel, food and money.
“Mr. Keemde forced the resolutions, these issues did not come out from the people in the meeting, so far Moomba enterprises is footing the fuel bill the MMD district leadership at Salma (Kobil) filling station
where he has an account,” the source said.
The source revealed that the Moomba enterprise proprietor complained bitterly and asked why big political parties like the MMD will beg for money from local businessmen and other individuals.
When contacted to comment on the matter Keembe refused saying “asking the people who gave you that stupid story to clarify it, I have no time to comment on matters of personal gains,” was unreachable by press time.

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