MMD to suspend indiscipliced councillor in Northwest

The MMD says it has started the process to suspend Seti Nkemba, ‘the unblessed and purported candidate for MMD in the Nyakaseya Ward bye-election in Ikelengi District, pending expulsion from the Party for gross misconduct that has brought the name of the Party into desrepute.

Emmanuel Chihili , MMD Provincial Secretary for Northwestern Province says Nkemba forced himself for adoption to be the MMD candidate against the Party’s resolution to leave the seat for UPND.

‘It goes without mention that MMD and UPND in Northwestern province are working very well to the fulfillment of the electorates’, he said.

Chihili said in a statement: ‘we wish to sincerely apologise to UPND and the people of Nyakaseya for any incoviniency this may have caused. All this confusion is as a result of self motives perpetuated by our indiscpline member who chose to ignore the Party directive with impunity without regard to the broader picture of the working relationship MMD is enjoying with UPND.

Chihiki also disclosed that his party has information that Nkemba has been sponsored by some spent forces who want to up their vantage in PF by destroying the mushrooming power force of MMD and UPND.

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