MMD Vice-President: supporters jostle for Kunda, Pande

MMD officials in Lusaka and in the Copperbelt are jostling among themselves on who should be voted into office as the party’s Vice-President  between Republican Vice-President George Kunda and Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande.
So far, none of the two has come out in the open with intentions to stand for the position of MMD Vice-President which was last held by Enoch Kavindele and frozen to be contested for by the late president Levy Mwanawasa.
As party prepares for the national convention, MMD senior members have asked that the position of vice-president be revived because it is key to the operations of the party at all levels.
The current party president Rupiah Bwezani Banda has been overstretched in his party duties because he does not have his deputy.
But some cadres told the Zambian Watchdog that they wanted Kunda to be party president while others were floating Pande to be the MMD’s number two.
On the Copperbelt, MMD provincial chairman Joseph Chilambwe has been having clandestine meeting separately for supporters of Kunda and at the same time holding meetings with those sympathetic with Pande.
“This Chilambwe thinks we do not know what he is doing. We know that he wants to eat from both sides by siding with those who want Kunda to be MMD Vice president while at the same time he goes in the darkness with the team supporting Pande. He should just state on whose camp he is,” a source said.
The source further explained that Chilambwe was busy positioning himself with some loyal journalists in the public media to offer coverage which he will be dictating.
On the other hand, Kunda has planted his operatives to sell his intentions in the Lamba-speaking area on the Copperbelt and the Southern Province.
Some cadres have so far declared their support for Kunda to stand as MMD vice president.
After winning his presidential vote, Kunda was least expected to be appointed as Republican president.
Among the names which were rumoured to have been favoured,  Pande, was among them.

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